side businesses

Have you ever made plans to get drinks with someone, met for said drinks, determined if there was any chemistry between the two of you, made a decision to have sex with that person based on whether or not you were attracted to him or her, and, if you were and did, went home the next day after breakfast without money being exchanged? Then congratulations! You are a small business owner, according to a group of German entrepreneurs. Read more »

The most common refrain when insider trading or other such fraud occurs on Wall Street is the question of why? Why did he/she do it? Money is often times too simple an explanation (especially when there are mommy issues to be explored) but other times it’s not. Like in the example of former McKinsey partner Rajat Gupta, i.e. the guy who called Raj with information about Goldman Sachs 23 seconds after getting off the phone with Lloyd and the rest of the board. In Gupta’s case, he just 1) seriously wanted that cash and 2) he wanted is ASAP. Read more »