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According to an incredibly distressing report by Bloomberg today, Richard Kimball Jr., he of topless pool parties, topless and bottom-less Halloween parties, and what sound like orgies in the backyard-fame, is no longer a partner at the firm. Read more »

Over a year ago, at the height of the campaign to Hate on Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein issued an edict to employees: “do not be seen living high on the hog.” As a partner, Richard Kimball knew he had to set an example for the younger guys and girls and followed Blankfein’s demands to a tee. When he threw โ€œa series ofโ€ topless parties in the Hamptons, he did so in the privacy of his Southampton rental. When he enjoyed the company of some lady friends following his divorce from Pete Peterson’s daughter Holly, he did so in the elevators of his building on Jane Street. And when he threw an alleged “naked-themed” Halloween party this October, we’re told it went down at a “secret location” not disclosed to guests until 10PM that evening. Basically, he’s showed the utmost of discretion, demonstrating to the rest of the firm how you show people a good time without making a spectacle. And yet. Read more »

As previously discussed, Goldman Sachs MD Richard Kimball is known for throwing great parties. And at the request of his firm for employees to keep a low profile, he’s taken care to keep his bashes, private, whether they’re topless pool parties in the Hamptons or naked themed get-togethers in the elevator. Still, the stiffs in his building at 99 Jane Street decided they were too good for the Kimballer and have not renewed his lease, which ends on Halloween. Luckily, Rick has found a new home, not run by buzz kills. Read more »