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A couple weeks back, an 8-foot long, 160-pound mountain lion started hanging around Greenwich, Connecticut and its nearby towns. News stations noted that a cat that size hasn’t been seen in those parts in 100 years; residents and people who work in the area were more than a little freaked the fuck out. Now testing of evidence found last week has revealed everyone should be doubly worried. Read more »

David’s wealth is a reflection of his acumen and the tremendous volume of foreclosures,” attorney JeffreyTew said of his client, David Stern, whose foreclosure-processing business, currently under scrutiny, has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue preparing documents for the cases that his law firm brings on behalf of lenders seeking to reclaim homes from borrowers who can’t pay their mortgages, and at $1,400 a pop have scored him a $15 million mansion on an island in Fort Lauderdale, a $6 million beachfront condominium in the city, a $6 million home in nearby Hillsboro Beach, three Ferraris, four Porsches, a Rolls-Royce, a Cadillac and a Bugatti. “He had something to do with the acumen part. He had nothing to do with the amount of foreclosures we have.” [Bloomberg via DI]