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Over the weekend, USA Today ran an interview with Meredith Whitney, conducted by Maria Bartiromo, about her muni bond call. Perhaps you read it? Charlie Gasparino did and he’s so angry he can hardly see straight and has a whole host of questions he wants answered. But let’s backtrack a second. Chaz was surprised to see the interview at all, given that probing of Meredith’s prediction last fall by, CG says, “reporters like myself” resulted in the analyst retreating from the spotlight. But she agreed to this one and Charlie is pretty sure he knows why. Veins bulging and sweat pouring down his neck, Charlie posited today it’s because his former CNBC colleague was more than happy to “serve as a conduit for Whitney’s initial absurd claim.” Read more »

There’s one person in particular the government seems to just be dying to get it’s hands on but up until this moment, no one has had the vaguest clue– none whatsoever!– as to who it could possibly be, nor has there been nary a hint. Until now. Read more »

  • 06 Aug 2010 at 12:30 PM

From Who And How Does Charlie Gasparino Get His Scoops?

Here’s one: how many times have you watched Charlie Gasparino break a story and wonder to yourself, “How does this guy do it? Where does he get these stories? Who are his sources? How does he get them to crack?” Whether it’s the Goldman prop situation, Jimmy Cayne’s uromysitisis condition or Dick Fuld’s inability to post bail after getting arrested for going ape-shit on a CostoCo employee, Gaspo’s always got it. Is it that Chaz:

a) Has put in quality time with this broad, who knows all?

b) Leaves threatening voicemails on people’s machines, suggesting if he doesn’t get the story, he’ll break off their cojones and boil them in motor oil, which typically motivates them to give him the dirt?

c) Tails Andrew Ross Sorkin to his source meetings, waits for him outside and proceeds to rub a chloroform soaked rag on ARS’s face, steal his notes and make a mad dash for Elaine’s, where no one will ask questions?

d) Has an army of San Pietro bus boys on payroll who report back anything they heard from the movers and shakers dining at the restaurant after their shift?

e) Has realized that it’s the interns in every organization who hold the secrets, and to that end has endeared himself to the ones at the major banks by taking them out for drinks at Tropix, his favorite joint in Rego Park, where they have a lax policy on underage drinking?

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All of ARS’s jealous colleagues at the Times, the one who think he’s been able to land his sources because he goes easy on them in print, or the New York reporters who imply by way of nonsensical euphemism that he gives them head, can S a D. You people have idea what you’re talking about, and the man himself has set the record straight. He reels in his big fish by “whispering in their ear” and doing that thing with his tongue.