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Financial Analysis Of Litigation Funding Transactions

Lake WhillansEd. note: This article is part of a weekly column from Lake Whillans Litigation Finance devoted to addressing common questions that arise in connection with commercial litigation finance. Last time we discussed the doctrines of champerty and maintenance; this week, we will be discussing the analysis a CFO might undertake when considering whether to raise capital for a litigation. We hope you’ll find this article to be the beginning of an informative dialogue.

The emergence of litigation finance has enabled CFOs to better manage and finance a once dormant asset – potential litigations. Many of the companies that we finance are emerging businesses with promising new products that have the ability to transform an industry. Businesses such as these are often characterized by a high ROI (return on investment) and a constrained budget (often having recently raised capital from the venture community). Imagine that the wrongful conduct of a third party has damaged such a business, and the company now faces the prospect of an expensive and lengthy litigation if it is to secure compensation. Before litigation finance, the decision might well have been between bringing litigation or not – now the decision is between self-financing or third party financing.

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Popularized in films like Limitless, legal smart drugs called Nootropics are becoming more and more prevalent in board rooms and on Wall Street.


1. Wall Street Jobs Demand Excellence969358_f1e562bd62_o

As Wall Street jobs become more competitive and cutthroat- the most ambitious and talented are increasingly looking for anything that can give them an edge. Excellence is not a suggestion, its a requirement. With billions on the line, we always need to be performing at our best.


2. Neuropharmacology Has Improved Significantly. Safer, Cheaper, and More Effective Options9754009363_787db3f4da_k

While NZT 48, the pill that transforms Bradley Cooper’s character’s life in the film “Limitless” is itself a creation of fiction, the world of neuropharmacology has spent the last 50 years searching for brain supplements and cognitive enhancers that may give you similar benefits. Called nootropics, they are used by a small but devoted class of individuals committed to building better brains.


3. Study Shows Ingredients Can Improve Test Scores By 8.4%524263087_24d595f402_z

According to a recent study published in Phytomedicine Journal, subjects taking Rhodiola Rosea extract, a natural ingredient found in nootropics like Neurofuse, demonstrated an improvement of test scores after 20 days of supplementation when compared with the control placebo group.


4. Feel Better, It’s Science

Study drugs, aka nootropics, help boost your two “feel good” neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. This makes you more pleasant to be around and helps you deal with stress, and in turn, be a better employee, leader, and person.


5. Razor Sharp Focus6602332085_60b6526b99_z

Neurofuse will help to put all of your cognitive capacity into the task at hand. It is kind of like an artificial “flow” state where you can block almost all distractions out of your mind and pay attention to your work. These are important for days when you are sleep deprived or on a deadline, which can seem to be every day.


6. Stress Is Chemical – Destroy It.

Stress is without a doubt one of the worst parts of the job. Not only is it unhealthy, it makes you irritable and leaves you often making poor decisions. If there is one chemical condition that can be blamed for making life bad, it’s cortisol. Neurofuse has Bacopa Monnieri and vitamin B3 work to regulate cortisol and protect your brain from oxidative stress with potent antioxidants that can minimize your perception of stress.


7. No Amphetamine Related Health Risk

Many popular pharmaceutical grade smart pills contain or metabolize into addictive amphetamines. Tolerance increases rapidly, meaning that you will have to constantly increase dosage to maintain the desired effect. Overdose can lead to psychosis, hypertension and chest pain. Neurofuse and other over-the-counter nootropics do not pose this risk.


8. Increase Blood Flow To Brain9754026083_20f891bc11_k

Working on Wall Street you are constantly analyzing about a million different things — your brain gets fatigued. Your brain completely relies upon a constant source of blood and oxygen to operate at its fullest capacity. Vinpocetine, found in Neurofuse, causes vasodilation, which is the widening of the main arteries that deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to the brain.


9. Cheaper Than Your Daily Coffee Habit10cap

Many productivity rockstars are highly dependent upon the dark nectar of wired-up bitterness. While coffee is a great source of antioxidants, it likely contains mold and mycotoxins which are bad for your brain. The cost, in time and money of a daily coffee habit (ESPECIALLY if you frequent coffee shops), is almost 3x as much as a month’s worth of Neurofuse.


10. You Can Try It For Free

Any good nootropic formula will let you try it for free and see if it works. Neurofuse offers a 14 day free trial with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t feel the results then you are able to return your bottle for a full refund. You can try it risk free here.


How Litigation Financiers Value Claim Assets?

About-2This article is part of a series from Lake Whillans Litigation Finance devoted to addressing common questions about litigation related assets. Last time we touched on the basics of litigation finance. This week, we will discuss how litigation financiers value a claim. We hope you’ll find this article to be part of an informative dialogue. Read more »

The Value of Litigation Related Assets

homepage-imageWhile the adoption of commercial litigation finance is on the rise, the particulars of the asset class are not widely understood. What is a litigation related asset? How can it be valued? How can a company use litigation financing to more efficiently operate its business?

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The 2013 Dealbreaker Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is nigh and you still haven’t shopped. While you’re dreaming only of sugar plum fairies bearing fat bonuses, you don’t the time to mingle with the riff raff at some big box nightmare. Dealbreaker is here to help.  Behold the 2013 Dealbreaker Holiday Gift Guide, chockfull of descriptors like “custom,” “gourmet,” “housecleaning,” and “DB swag.”

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Don’t Let Bottle Service Bust Your Budget

You’re making good money, and it’s easy to want to blow that whole paycheck. But we’ll show you a simple rule that will allow you to live large and get your financial house in order too.

If you went into finance for the love of pulling 15-hour days, more power to you. But if working in anticipation of that fateful day in February when your bonus hits your bank account, let’s just say that you aren’t alone.

When your monthly paycheck arrives, you might get stars in your eyes. You forget about that massive student loan and nagging credit card bills. Suddenly bottle service every weekend seems like a great idea. Who doesn’t love those sparklers? If you’re not careful, those morning hangovers could have a lasting effect on your bank balance. Here’s a quick crash course in how to divide up your earnings like a boss—ahem, managing director so that you can still afford the life you want without busting your budget.

Let’s discuss some general guidelines, which make up what we like to call the 50/20/30 Rule:

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Discussions about Logistics are often focused on the features that benefit large companies and corporations—exporting and importing, managing a complex supply chain, and global marketing strategies. But Logistics can also bring tremendous benefits to small businesses as well.

Logistics provides small businesses with advantages and resources that they might not be able to access otherwise, and helps to eliminate waste, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. For example, Logistics can automate many administrative tasks, freeing up time and resources so that staff can focus on more important things. Logistics also provides billing technology solutions that coordinate with software like QuickBooks and Peachtree, making accounting and invoicing easier and simpler. Read more »

In today’s uncertain economic climate, customer loyalty is the key to building steady revenue and a strong client base. When clients and customers are satisfied with their experiences with your company and with your product—whether it consists of goods, information, services, or funds—they’re more likely to repeat their purchase and improve the reputation of your brand.

UPS Logistics offers many ways to increase the satisfaction of your clients and customers, including the easy return process created by Reverse Logistics, more visibility and control over the delivery process through UPS MyChoice, more efficient order processing through UPS technology, and a wider range of options for delivery speed. Read more »