Last May, we met Thomas Guerriero. At the time, the Guerreiro Wealth Holdings founder had just been accused by an underline of sending her videos of himself masturbating, texts about stuff he wanted to do to her (rife with grammatical errors), groping her, and leaving lewd Post-Its at her desk. Since then Guerreiro decided to abandon Wall Street (which he says is populated with “blood thirsty people who are looking to take your legs out from under you,”) selling his company and starting fresh with WMX Group, which has four companies and counting under its umbrella, one of which Tommy-boy describes as “the Berkshire Hathaway of professional sports.” Read more »

Yesterday, while discussing the blown Tigers call, Mark Haines told Erin Burnett that her cavalier attitude about the whole thing (EB thought it was NBD) was the reason “women shouldn’t be in charge of sports.” Erin did not appreciate that and things got noticeably tense! We suggested that the whole thing be settled with a hardcore, no holds barred fight in the break room (talkin’ bodies thrown across desks. Talkin’ Xerox machines to the face). They did not take that advice and presumably just avoided each other for the rest of the day because this morning they were still awkwardly debating whether or not ladies have a place in sports. Erin told Haines resolve this was the two of them, mano y mano, in some sort of competition. Haines said sure, let’s do this, but what? Erin threw arm-wrestling out there which I guess could work but isn’t that great. Naturally the event will be televised and the viewers should have a choice. It would certainly add a little something if there were guns involved so I think the biathlon could be fun. Shot putting has potential as does handball, and Haines already has the shorts. Of course, one ever said this had to be a test of strength, but maybe just heart, so a round of the penis game, on the floor of the NYSE could be interesting. Dance Revolution contest. Thumb wrestling. And then there’s my top pick: THUNDERDOME (with the money on Burnett). Read more »

  • 25 May 2010 at 1:18 PM

Tim Geithner Has Two Requests

Request Number One: Challenge him to a game of your choice. Nok Hockey, tennis, jacks, Crossfire, fire ball, ping pong, rock paper scissors, mud-wrestling, Egyptian Ratscrew, kick ball, something weird and exotic with ever-changing rules you just made up on the spot. Doesn’t matter what it is, the important thing is that you underestimate him, smirk and think to yourself “this should be good.” Then watch as he flips you and your expectations on your back.

Geithner is a “sports nut and is up for playing or trying any sport someone suggests,” said Treasury spokesman Andrew Williams. “A lot of folks have underestimated Secretary Geithner in a lot of ways, and the basketball court’s one place where he’s been underestimated,” said U.S. Representative Rick Larsen, 44, a Washington state Democrat who played with Geithner and President Barack Obama at an Oct. 8 game at the basketball court on the White House’s South Lawn. He said he and Geithner covered one another during much of the game. “He definitely is a credible basketball player, one that you would choose to have on your team,” said Representative John Shimkus, an Illinois Republican who also played in the after-work contest. He has “good ball-handling skills” and he’s fast on the court, Shimkus, 52, said in an interview.

Request Number Two: caption this photo: Read more »

  • 06 May 2008 at 10:55 AM
  • Citigroup

Citi Finding Innovative Ways To Further Demoralize Employees

Citigroup, fighting to keep its title as one of Wall Street’s most innovative investment banks when it comes to demoralizing employees, has begun charging lower-level employees to use the investment bank’s box seats at sporting events, the Wall Street Journal’s David Enrich is reporting. Top executives, of course, still get to enjoy the perk gratis.
Does anyone know how much Citi charges for box seats? Are they offered at cost? Or does Citi at least offer some kind of discount to those beleaguered junior bankers who have somehow survived the 30,000 deep cuts off Citi has already made or is planning to make? Also, does buying the seats automatically move you toward the bottom 5% of the bank that chief executive Vikram Pandit has promised to fire every year? After all, if you have time to seat in the box seats, you obviously aren’t working hard enough.
Citigroup’s Pandit Faces Test As Pressure on Bank Grows [Wall Street Journal]

If you’ve ever had a few drinks with fund managers, and followed them with a few more, you know the conversation inevitably turns to performance. Usually it will begin with some fantastic trade but, depending on the crowd, it often winds up with some feat of physical prowess, death-defying daring or sexual triumph.
But the hands down best story we’ve ever heard is the story of the fund manager who beat Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game of hoops. Until now we considered it an urban myth. Something guys told themselves in the dark hours of the night to reassure themselves that their degrees in physics didn’t really make them clumsy nerds.
But the story is true. John Rogers, founder and CEO of Ariel Mutual Finds, the nation’s largest minority-run mutual fund, beat Jordan during a stay at Jordan’s Senior Flight School, a fancy basketball camp for people with a love of the sport and a lot of money. Chris Ballard at Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation blog got his hands on the video tape and tells the story.
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