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  • 18 Jan 2011 at 2:13 PM

Blackstone Is Now On Twitter

The account will presumably be used more as a way to communicate relevant business information to the media and investors than keeping us abreast of role-playing night at Chez Schwarzman but perhaps whoever is operating this thing will make the wise decision to give the people what they want. [Twitter via Dealbook]

Earlier this morning, Squawk on the Street had a little interview with Blackstone chief Stephen Schwarzman, live from Waldorf Astoria, where the Yale CEO Summit is taking place. The chat was conducted by Tyler Mathisen, with his colleagues patched in from the mothership in Englewood Cliffs. Everyone was very excited to have Steve-o on and things started off friendly enough. David Faber had a question about Dynegy. Erin Burnett wanted to know about investing opportunities abroad. And Mathisen and Schwarzman, whose firm owns the Waldorf, had a cute little repartee going about Steve delivering towels to Tyler’s room and leaving a mint on his pillow (given how game Schwarzman was to play along, and the diversity of the The ‘Stone’s companies, now might be a good time to nominate a certain someone as the next guest on Undercover Boss).

Then Mark Haines had something to say. Read more »

When one considers the many, many reasons to admire Stephen Schwarzman, difficulty arises in keeping the list to a manageable length. An abridged version, a mere fraction of his attributes, would include building Blackstone with own two hands, his support of literacy, his vision and execution in creating Yale’s first Ballet Society, his passion as it relates to the carried interest debate, on which he is not afraid to speak his mind, and his undying commitment to do right by clients.

Today another bullet point must be added, with regard to this: Read more »

Earlier this week, it was sadly reported that Paul the Prognosticating Octopus, whose powers of prediction blew those of UBS and other investment banks out of the water, had passed away. Now that he’s dead, some people feel it necessary to dig up the past and make a mockery of his legacy. Starting with the fact that it was all a cheap trick.

Far from being a simple cephalopod that got lucky on a 256-1 chance of predicting eight two-option outcomes in a row (matches at the 2010 World Cup), it turns out Paul was / is a publicity stunt for a global entertainment conglomerate, the Merlin Entertainments Group (MEG)…Paul the Octopus, who provided colourful if inane fodder for umpteen news and broadcast organisations during the World Cup, especially those with no rights to any live action in South Africa, was also credited with predicting correct match results for Euro 2008 games. It should be stressed that, contrary to some reports, that was actually a different octopus, and that the different octopus got other results wrong, but such facts shouldn’t get in the way of a good story…Since [the summer Paul] has been relentlessly marketed as a brand to make cash.

And the sickest part? Is that one of the people he was making cash for was then turning around and using it to finance the murder of Paul’s compadres and distant relatives. Read more »

President Obama and the business community have been at odds for months. But in July the chairman and cofounder of the Blackstone Group, one of the world’s largest private-equity firms, amped up the rhetoric. Stephen Schwarzman—the leading John McCain supporter in a firm that, in 2008, gave more money to Obama—was addressing board members of a nonprofit organization when he let loose. “It’s a war,” Schwarzman said of the struggle with the administration over increasing taxes on private-equity firms. “It’s like when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.” [Newsweek]

Charlie Gasparino recently participated in one of New York‘s dining features wherein notable people discuss what they ate over the course of the week. Those of you in the know re: the fuel that makes this Jabroni Pony will run not be surprised to hear that he consumed many a vodka martini, doused his meat in ketchup and affirmed his commitment to “staying regular” by downing a bunch of bran muffins. Unlike his last food diary, in which Gaspo confessed to finding no greater joy in the world that tearing into a plate of braciola while on the can, the Fox Business anchor kept it mostly clean, while sharing a few tips. Such as how to make gravy from scratch (“good Italian canned tomatoes, two cans of the whole tomatoes and one of crushed. I let it cook for about an hour and fifteen minutes, maybe an hour and a half”), indulging while keeping yourself in centerfold form (“I only eat desserts on the weekends”) and drinking like a man (“no respectable Russian will drink Grey Goose, they all drink Ketel One, because you want to taste the vodka. Now I can’t go back to Grey Goose, which is really super smooth, you can’t taste the vodka. If you’re gonna drink it, you gotta make it real”). Read more »

In January, Kendrick Wilson III joined BlackRock as a vice-chairman, which is why he’s the subject of a Bloomberg profile today. Forty some odd years ago, he was nicknamed “Wildcat” by his undergrad chums at Dartmouth, which is why he’s the basis for the lead character in an upcoming erotic novel about life in the Ivies. And 16 or so years ago, he was the peacemaker in a “shouting match” between Larry Fink and Stephen Schwarzman, which is what we’re going to investigate right now. Read more »