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(The people who questioned his artistic integrity re: the whole “Chooch” thing don’t count, right? Okay, cool, then no one, ever.) Read more »

Because Mike Bloomberg believes in a little something called loyalty. Read more »

According to S-Rat, if the auto companies hadn’t been saved it would’ve been “the economic equivalent of an atomic bomb.” Read more »

“Tim was organized and low-key, although given to occasional bursts of profanity and odd fits of giggling,” claims Steve Rattner in his new autobiography, which he also writes that JPMorgan vice-Chairman Jimmy Lee is something of a “crybaby” and describes Sheila Bair as a “small, trim woman about my age with brown hair, brown eyes, and an unsmiling, sour demeanor.” [NYP via DI]

  • 04 May 2010 at 11:40 AM

Caption Contest Tuesday

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[Cavorting at a Bloomberg cocktail party before the White House Correspondents’ Dinner]

  • 15 Apr 2010 at 1:56 PM

Rattner Gets Rammed by Former Firm

Steve Rattner, the former car czar and founder of Quadrangle Group, just got run over by his former firm.

After settling this morning with Andrew Cuomo and the SEC., Quadrangle issued a statement saying “we wholly disavow the conduct engaged in by Steve Rattner, who hired the New York State Comptroller’s political consultant, Hank Morris, to arrange an investment from the New York State Common Retirement Fund.  That conduct was inappropriate, wrong, and unethical.” Damn that’s harsh. Read more »