Earlier this week, we had a little chat about letting your hair down in the summer months, but not so much that you get a reputation among colleagues and/or law enforcement officials. For example, while you should definitely allow yourself to enjoy some adult beverages during leisurely outdoor lunches and cut out early to grab a few or more with coworkers you actually like, you don’t want to have so many drinks that you drive a car through a stranger’s house. To that end, while you should certainly feel comfortable dancing atop a bar nobody’s watching, you might want to consider not getting up on table at a restaurant and (allegedly) destroying thousands of dollars in lighting fixtures while demonstrating a roundhouse kick or the moves you’ve been practicing for your Rockettes audition. Read more »

I don't care if you have to set up a desk in some god-awful club out there. You will take one for the team.

It was just last month that we noted that you could once again buy that $300,000 car you’d had your eye on without people judging you. “I have the cash for this thing and I don’t have to worry about someone thinking I’m a douchebag for buying this thing,” you were finally able to say to no one in particular. It felt good! No, it felt great, particularly for those of you who were so excited the good times were back you chose to spring for the auto-fellate enabling dashboard tilt feature. And now, this. This total crock: Read more »

The Kimballer

So! A bunch of unnamed banks are supposedly telling their employees to ixnay on the assivemay amptonshay entalsray this summer. Let’s just say it’s Goldman Sachs that is doing the telling because a) they’ve been known to tell their people not go out during the day for fear of attracting scrutiny for existing and b) if The People are going to get their knickers in a twist over anyone’s big ass vacation houses it’s going to be those of Goldman Sachs. Read more »