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    If This Investing Thing Doesn’t Work Out, One Tudor Venture Employee Has A Future At Radio City

    Earlier this week, we had a little chat about letting your hair down in the summer months, but not so much that you get a reputation among colleagues and/or law enforcement officials. For example, while you should definitely allow yourself to enjoy some adult beverages during leisurely outdoor lunches and cut out early to grab a few or more with coworkers you actually like, you don’t want to have so many drinks that you drive a car through a stranger’s house. To that end, while you should certainly feel comfortable getting up on a bar or table to dance like nobody’s watching, you might want to think about not getting up on table and (allegedly) destroying thousands of dollars in lighting fixtures while demonstrating a roundhouse kick.

    The arraignment of Daniel J. MacKeigan, 39, of Hingham, Mass, on a single count of vandalizing property, was postponed. MacKeigaan was present in court for Monday’s hearing, but his attorney requested delay in the formal arraignment, and the assistant district attorney said he wanted time to possibly reconsider the severity of the charge against MacKeigan. MacKeigan was arrested at 1 a.m. early Sunday morning on Straight Wharf after allegedly destroying a $3,500 chandelier with a kick while standing on a table at the new Cru restaurant, in the former Ropewalk spot. The case will be back in court on June 18.

    Court Full After A Busy Weekend [Nantucket Inquirer And Mirror]

    / Jun 1, 2012 at 1:18 PM
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    Banks Advising Employees To Avoid Flashy Hamptons Homes This Year, Vague About Whether Or Not Pulling A Kimball Is Okay

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