After one investor conference in June 2011, veteran bank analyst Richard Bove says he called the lender’s investor relations department to complain. “I told them I didn’t believe such an incredibly bad presentation could be made,” Bove says of Moynihan. “He doesn’t have the ability to speak off the cuff, and to let him is to destroy shareholder wealth.” Moynihan’s lack of eloquence is the main reason he’s underestimated, says Bill Miller, chairman of Legg Mason Capital Management Inc., whose funds own about 4 million Bank of America shares. Miller says the stock can double within three years. “There’s a tendency to impute much greater skill on the part of somebody like Jamie Dimon, who is very smooth, over someone like Brian,” Miller says. “People say, ‘Oh, he doesn’t speak well, and he stumbles over his words and he’s sweating.’” [Bloomberg]

  • 10 Aug 2010 at 4:25 PM

Moscow-Based Citi Bankers Not Afraid Of A Little Heat

The delicate flowers at JPMorgan may have canceled their daily note but you can’t hold down Vikram’s little soldiers. Read more »

First off, was this public knowledge Big Lar has a sweating problem? The narcolepsy, obviously, is right before our very eyes but I don’t think we’ve ever gotten into Summers’ other issues. But…good to know? From Jonathan Alter’s new book, The Promise: Read more »

As has been previously mentioned, while there is much to get excited about at the new Goldman Sachs building (a panorama that includes New York Harbor, the Sky Lobby cafeteria offers “a deep panini lineup and deadly cupcakes,” safe rooms on every floor), there is something that many GS employees are not enthused about at all. And that’s seeing each others’ asses, etc, in the company steam room. Today we have yet another complaint from the inside, again related to an aversion to being grossed out by each others’ bodies. An anonymous Mistress of the Universe writes: Read more »