tantric bonuses

If you like delayed gratification you’ll love the payment plan management has come up with. Read more »

During bonus season last year, Credit Suisse announced that the money employees earned in 2010 would be paid out over 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (all of which was subject to clawback rules). People were not thrilled! This year, in an effort to show they’ve been listening, management has announced some big changes to the compensation plan. 1) Only those making more than 250,000 Swiss francs (which CS points out are few and far between) will be subject to deferred compensation (previously it was any amount above 50,000) and 2) Of the deferred shares being awarded, you’ll only have to wait three years, and not four, for it to vest. Pretty sweet deal if you ask the other Swiss bank in town, where bonuses (a sheet of bubble wrap and 15 free minutes to cry publicly without judgement) paid out over any period of time would be a step up. The suggestion box is working! Read more »

What’s zero divided by four? Read more »

Morgan Stanley is scheduled to hear about bonuses tomorrow. Ahead of the numbers, management has been telling employees to manage their expectations, ’cause they’re not getting much. To that end, today the bank has announced that when people do get an exact figure, to take that number and then think about what forty percent of it is– that’s how much you’re actually getting now. Read more »

Okay, that’s not entirely fair- employees will receive some of the cash they earned in 2010 this year, some in 2012, a little in 2013, and the remainder of the payout in 2014 (all of which is subject to a clawback clause). Sound like fun? It’s the Swiss bank’s take on tantra. Read more »