Over the last 10 months or so, the relationship between hedge fund manager Phil Falcone and his investors has not exactly been mutually satisfying. Not that they’ve been keeping a list but, if pressed to get into specifics, Harbinger Capital clients might cite a few reasons why they’ve been less than thrilled with Falcone of late such as: 1) The lackluster returns in Harbinger Capital’s flagship, which have in no way mimicked the highs of 2007. 2) That time he told reporters his investors are idiots. 3) The fact that he’s come to adopt a loose definition of the term ‘hedge,’ and put a whole lot of their money in a wireless venture that the universe seems hell bent on making sure never even has the chance to cause GPS interference. 4) The note those who requested their money back received in July, informing them that rather than getting cash, they’d be the lucky recipients of illiquid LightSquared equity. And then there would be the incident about which they really get pissy, and where things started to go down hill: 5) The time Phil choose to “loan” himself $113 million from a gated fund in order to pay personal taxes. Today, however, brings word that should do a lot to smooth ruffled feathers. On points 1-4, not much to say there. No one changes in a day. But! On point 5? Big progress. Huge. Read more »

Warren Buffett says he’s absolutely “fine” with President Obama calling the new plan to establish a minimum tax rate for individuals making more than $1 million a year the “Buffett Rule.” Reached Sunday in Omaha, Nebraska, the outspoken billionaire said the administration “asked me if they could use my name (on it) and I said, ‘Sure. It’s what I believe.’” [FBN]

Did you know it takes 1,000 people to staff 6 Applebee’s? Read more »

Tax breaks for the wealthy, corporate jet owners, hedge fund managers and oil and gas companies should be scrapped to help reduce the deficit, President Barack Obama said Wednesday. Republicans are insisting that tax increases stay off the table in ongoing talks to get a deal to raise the debt ceiling. But at a news conference Obama said revenue has to be in the mix. [MarketWatch]

Do you love cats? Do you love every kind of cat? Do you want a house full of them? Do you want a house full of so many that it’s starting to cost you a pretty penny but the idea of not having the cats to roll around with is too much to bear? Help is on the way. Read more »

“We’re in a situation that’s serious enough that almost everyone in society is going to have to give something up. No one is going to like it- it’s going to be like medicine in the old days, that just tasted really bad, but if you didn’t take your medicine, you weren’t going to get healthy…Everyone in this society is going to end up bearing some burden except the very poor who need to be protected. But I think this is a widespread issue where everyone is going to be giving something up, and if you don’t, you’re not going to be able to solve the problems we have. Nine percent of GDP is over $1 trillion per year- that is piling up. It is not really as much of an abstract concept. The more we do this, eventually we reach a point where the country has great difficulty preserving the livelihoods for people as they know it. It is really an issue that must be addressed.” Read more »

FYI, Paul Ryan’s plan will not put us on the path to winning. Read more »