• 13 Apr 2011 at 10:51 AM

GE: Don’t Be Fooled By Reports We’re Paying Taxes

General Electric Co. refuted a statement claiming the company would return a “$3.2 billion tax refund” for 2010, following criticism of its tax rates and policies. “It is a hoax,” said Anne Eisele, a GE spokeswoman. The statement, which purported to be from GE Communications, claimed the Fairfield, Connecticut-based company was responding to a “public outcry” and would “allow the public to decide how to spend” the returned money. [Bloomberg]

  • 31 Mar 2011 at 2:57 PM

Mohamed El-Erian: Bring On The Taxes

According to the PIMCO CEO: “Bill [Gross] and I–we do not consider ourselves elite. In fact, we’d like to be taxed more. I said this even before the Middle East started: It is not in the interest of any society for income inequality to keep on going up. It is in everybody’s interest to avoid the extremes.” Read more »

  • 30 Mar 2011 at 9:22 AM

SAC Capital: Nobody Frontruns Steve!

(And those who do will pay…a charity of their choosing.) Read more »

Sometimes these things are unclear. Read more »

Earlier this morning, Squawk on the Street had a little interview with Blackstone chief Stephen Schwarzman, live from Waldorf Astoria, where the Yale CEO Summit is taking place. The chat was conducted by Tyler Mathisen, with his colleagues patched in from the mothership in Englewood Cliffs. Everyone was very excited to have Steve-o on and things started off friendly enough. David Faber had a question about Dynegy. Erin Burnett wanted to know about investing opportunities abroad. And Mathisen and Schwarzman, whose firm owns the Waldorf, had a cute little repartee going about Steve delivering towels to Tyler’s room and leaving a mint on his pillow (given how game Schwarzman was to play along, and the diversity of the The ‘Stone’s companies, now might be a good time to nominate a certain someone as the next guest on Undercover Boss).

Then Mark Haines had something to say. Read more »

Onto the house!

And in America, we don’t negotiate with terrorists! Except for when we do! [RCP]