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Yes, he’s already two hundred miles in, but with seven hundred to go, there is still plenty of time to hit up like-minded people to pledge just one dollar (or more) for every mile walked, the proceeds of which will go to financial tyranny research and to getting him some Dr. Scholl’s sneaker inserts. Read more »

Mitch Modell stands accused of being a sneaky sneaker salesman. The CEO of the Big Apple-based Modell’s chain has been sued by big-box rival Dick’s Sporting Goods, which charges that Modell impersonated a Dick’s exec earlier this month as he spied on a store in Princeton, NJ. Modell, who once appeared on the reality-TV show “Undercover Boss,” claimed to be a Dick’s senior vice president as he persuaded employees to give him access to the backroom of the store and grilled them about the business, the suit alleges…In 2012, Modell shaved his head and wore a walrus mustache for his appearance on “Undercover Boss,” posing as “Joey Glick,” a warehouse worker at one of his own company’s facilities. Modell said it was “not prepared to offer any comment at this time.” [...] Accusing Modell of civil conspiracy and trespassing, Dick’s is seeking a judge’s order to bar him and his workers from posing as employees and entering nonpublic areas of Dick’s stores. [NYP]

Last summer, Adrian Eady, a banker with Royal Bank of Scotland Group, was nearly crushed hauling a crate of feta cheese off a forklift truck in a North London warehouse. A few months earlier, the state-controlled bank sent Mr. Eady to wear an apron and serve cappuccinos in a cafe. Before that, he was selling novelty greeting cards in a shop. Following a political uproar over a lack of bank lending to small businesses, 81%-government-owned RBS created its “Working With You” program. All RBS corporate bankers must spend at least two days a year working for a customer free of charge. “We do anything they ask,” Mr. Eady says. “If they say ‘make the tea,’ then we make the tea.”[RBS]