Thomas Guerriero

Last May, we met Thomas Guerriero. At the time, the Guerreiro Wealth Holdings founder had just been accused by an underline of sending her videos of himself masturbating, texts about stuff he wanted to do to her (rife with grammatical errors), groping her, and leaving lewd Post-Its at her desk. Since then Guerreiro decided to abandon Wall Street (which he says is populated with “blood thirsty people who are looking to take your legs out from under you,”) selling his company and starting fresh with WMX Group, which has four companies and counting under its umbrella, one of which Tommy-boy describes as “the Berkshire Hathaway of professional sports.” Read more »

  • 03 May 2010 at 4:22 PM

Boss Harassed Underling With Porn, Paws, Post-Its

Let it be known: if you are not interested in having your supervisor (circle all that apply:) send you videos of himself masturbating, texts about the stuff he wants to do you rife with spelling and grammatical errors, grope you, or leave you lewd notes via Post-It, consider not accepting a gig with Guerreiro Wealth Holdings, where, allegedly, this kind of thing is not frowned upon.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Karen Lo, 20, said she’d only been working at Guerreiro Wealth Holdings for a short period of time when boss Thomas Guerriero sent her the astonishing e-mail “with a link to an obscene pornographic video containing explicit sound and imagery depicting male masturbation and ejaculation” this past Nov. 5. The person is only identified by the tag “stallionman_69,” but Lo “believes the masturbating male, whose face is off-camera, is Guerriero.” The stunned stockbroker texted her boss back a short time later saying “I really can’t mix work with my personal life . . . I really hope this doesn’t affect work.” Guerriero responded hours later, saying, “No that’s fine. I hope we can be friends though,” the suit says. But “the unwelcome sexualized banter” didn’t stop.

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