Tim Geithner

Ever since he was named Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner has suffered from a lack of respect, both from the outside world and internally. His boss makes “jokes” in public about dogs pissing on him, people refuse to believe he didn’t work at Goldman Sachs and hardly a day goes by without a story claiming he’s getting fired and replaced by (take your pick) Jamie Dimon, Mike Bloomberg, or Jojo the idiot circus boy. Today brings yet another blow, this time from the IT department at the World Bank, which appears to be sending a subtle hint. Read more »

From a friend of DB:

“Bess– [Redacted] was seated next to me at [Manhattan restaurant] last night.  I figured given the shitstorm Wall Street’s been through the last couple years he’d keep shop talk to a minimum. But, he didn’t hold back; I wasn’t making an effort to eavesdrop, but he’s not exactly the softest speaking gent in town and the tables are way too damn close. Anyway, his four main points I picked up:

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Earlier today on CNBC, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus pitched a new TV series. “Take Timothy Geithner and put him in a new reality show,” Marcus told Squawk Box. “It’s called ‘Timothy Geithner Does Small Business’, something like ‘Debbie Does Dallas’, and it ends up the same way,” he said. ”Basically, what they [the government] is doing to small business is very similar in this case [to what ‘Debbie’ did to Dallas.]” Read more »

“Tim was organized and low-key, although given to occasional bursts of profanity and odd fits of giggling,” claims Steve Rattner in his new autobiography, which he also writes that JPMorgan vice-Chairman Jimmy Lee is something of a “crybaby” and describes Sheila Bair as a “small, trim woman about my age with brown hair, brown eyes, and an unsmiling, sour demeanor.” [NYP via DI]

As is widely known, Wesley Snipes was found guilty of tax evasion a little while back, a charge which the actor believes to be bull shit. Because he would prefer not to go to prison for three years, Wes is attempting to appeal the verdict. Separately, Snipes was once a client of accused Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr, who it came out several months ago had screwed a bunch of investors out of a bunch of money. These are two seemingly unrelated matters. And yet, today there is this:

The pole-dancer wife of accused Ponzi schemer Ken Starr claims private eyes for Wesley Snipes have been stalking her in a bid to find evidence to clear the actor of tax charges.

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  • 01 Sep 2010 at 1:45 PM

Treasury Secretary Bloomberg?

Remember last year, when not a day went by without people claiming Tim Geithner was getting fired and the White House had supposedly all but forced him to move into an office in the basement where the pipes leaked so that they could prepare the place for Jamie Dimon, who we were to believe was TG replacement? That died down for a bit, in part because Geithner’s pussy outreach program was pretty successful and also because he came in handy for pick-up games. Mostly, though, it was because Obama and Dimon’s relationship hit the skids and the President needed to find someone else to make Geithner worry about. Allegedly he has. And his name is Mike.

Is Mayor Bloomberg being wooed to join the Obama administration? Asked about last weekend’s four-hour golf game with President Obama on Martha’s Vineyard, Bloomberg told reporters yesterday, “The economy was the main subject, other than discussing golf.” Now there are whispers that the president went even further and sounded out Bloomberg about whether he would join his foundering economic team as treasury secretary, replacing prime blame-target Timothy Geithner.

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She’s got her very own rap video calling for her appointment as head of a federal consumer protection agency but, so far, Elizabeth Warren has received nary a peep of support from Tim Geithner. It’s the White House, and not the Treasury’s call to make, of course, but never you mind that. People are demanding to know why TG hasn’t failed to get behind Liz on this one. You want to know why? According to National Organization of Women president Terry O’Neill, it’s because Tim Geithner is sexist.

“As an outsider,” O’Neill said, “I think he’s a man with such deep ties to Wall Street that I don’t know how the sexism of that industry hasn’t imbued his Treasury…Treasury is a notoriously sexist and misogynist industry and the good old boys don’t like her,” the NOW president said. “It’s the testosterone-fueled attitude that drove our economy off a cliff, and yet the president has advisers that are from that industry….It’s a combination of [Warren's] attitude and her anatomy.”

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