to kill lists

A year or so a go, commodities trader Vincent McCrudden was arrested for some things he put on a company website and some emails he sent out. The former involved an “execution” list containing the names of 47 financial regulators, which he asked readers to aid him in crossing off (“I need your help,” he wrote. “There are just too many for me alone”). The latter included an email to a CFTC staffer that noted: “You fucking corrupt piece of shit! I have let so many of you fucking corrupt mother fuckers off the hook for doing this to my life. You my friend are not getting away with this. I am going to do this my way now and you, you corrupt mother fucking piece of shit are the first on my list! laugh mother fucker…I am going to make you a test case!” To that end, the chief operating officer of the NFA was told, “It wasn’t ever a question of ‘if’ I was going to kill you, it was just of when.” Were these emails particularly colorful? Yes. Should anyone who received them (or had their name placed on The List) been actually worried about losing his/her life? McCrudden could see how maybe things might have been interpretted that way, but no. As he told a judge, “I wrote provocative language on my website that could have been perceived as threatening. I would never intentionally hurt or cause bodily harm to another human being.” And yet, this is still happening: Read more »

  • 10 Dec 2010 at 10:39 AM

Ron Paul Won’t Kill Off The Fed Just Yet

As you may have heard, Representative Ron Paul, whose most passionate cause is abolishing the Fed, has been chosen to run the House’s subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve next year. And while one should never jump to conclusions about the intentions of others, based on the fact that Paul has previously introduced legislation to get rid of the thing, wrote a book called “End The Fed,” and, odds are, has ‘Federal Reserve’ at the top of the To Kill list posted to a wall in his basement, one might (involuntarily) draw some. Well, you couldn’t be more off base. Ron Paul loves the Fed! And he’s going to let it live a little while longer, unless Ben Bernanke really pisses him off, in which case, you’re finished. Read more »

  • 01 Jul 2010 at 2:20 PM

America Hates Three Things

Man-whore prima-donnas who refuse to eat turkey unless its on a club sandwich, carriers who get in the way of them and their new iPhones, and minions of God, who can’t help the fact that they kick ass at making it rain ka-ching! on your face. These dislikes translated to Nike (which stood by Tiger even after the sandwich incident), AT&T, and Goldman Sachs apparently being the most hated companies of the year. [CNN Money]