Tony James

Your time is up, Jack.It’s Jack Lew’s job or nothing for the Blackstone prez. Read more »

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If you work in private equity the last few months have not been kind to you. Man, dog, and Newt have all been ganging up on the industry, and it has not been helped by faux pas from its most famous alumnus, publicity around job losses and dividend-recaps-into-bankruptcy, or a renewed carried-interest debate.

Not to fear, though: coming to the rescue today are a rag-tag bunch of saviors including a cheesy website, a serial private equity CEO who’s pretty sure he was never instructed to torch the place for insurance money, aaaaaaand Blackstone’s Tony James: Read more »

Modest or manic, Mr. Gray is said to keep a low profile because he does not see the benefit of raising his, and would simply prefer to be another cog in the Peterson-Schwarzman machine. Which is not to say he is a hermit—friends describe him as animated and gregarious, but above all else, humble—he simply likes to keep things to himself…Try as he might, Mr. Gray may not be able to stay hidden much longer. Mr. James has big plans for his big man, according to multiple sources. “Tony James is going around telling people, ‘My job in life is to convince Jon Gray to take my job,’” as one of them put it. Mr. James did not recall making that statement, but during the interview, he allowed that “I think he’d be great at it.” So is Mr. Gray the future of the firm? “He is certainly one of the talented individuals of his generation who could do a fantastic job running the firm. Better than me.” [NYO]

In addition to the whole “help turn Morgan Stanley around” task, Ruth Porat, who was named CFO last January, has another entry on her to do list: don’t get unceremoniously canned like your girlfriends. “Be careful in everything you do, because we all know how this ended before,” an analyst told her at a cocktail party earlier this year, the insinuation being that she ought to avoid getting fired from Lehman Brothers, forced to take a leave of absence from Credit Suisse, and ultimately spend her days taking spin classes and dating a firefighter in the Hamptons, like Erin Callan, or getting the bootskie from Vikram Pandit, like Sallie Krawcheck.

Porat may have gone from a client-facing banker job to a “technical” one where you have to, as Glen Schorr puts it, “know everything about everything,” without ever working in a finance department but forget about “numbers” for a second. This lady doesn’t have any quit in her, and has shown that crippling back pain or even labor contractions are mere speed bumps that will not in any way hamper her from doing what she has set out to do, unlike her male counterparts who would be crying for a heating pad at the first spasm or an epidural the second their water broke. Read more »