Russian Hedge Fund’s Managers, Money On American Vacation

There are lots of reasons why a prominent hedge fund manager might wish to beat a hasty retreat from Moscow. Perhaps he’s not comfortable with Russia’s liberation of all of those Ukrainians. Perhaps he failed to go along with alleged government plot to steal its money and wasn’t interested in taking up residence at Butryka Prison. Perhaps president-or-prime-minister-for-life Vladimir Putin has ominously stopped returning his calls.

Or perhaps he just stole all of his investors’ money and thinks Miami is a better place to spend it than the Crimea. Read more »

  • 24 Oct 2013 at 2:49 PM

Layoffs Watch ’13: Lazard Capital

On the subject of job cuts, employees would put themselves at ‘very pissed’ on the not pissed to really pissed scale. Read more »