Neither of you appear to have a shot at winning this thing but your names earned points in our book. As for people who should start picturing what life will be like when they’re sporting a Dealbreaker banker bag around town… Read more »

Remember Tim Sykes? In 2006 he was featured in Trader Monthly‘s 30 Under 30 list for turning his “Bar Mitzvah gifts totaling $12,415 into a pre-tax sum of just under $2 million” (and was subsequently uninvited to the magazine’s party for “not behaving like a responsible member of the financial community”), starred in the first season of Wall Street Warriors, almost died in a fire  he claimed was started by Dealbreaker readers, and accused the Securities and Exchange Commission of being “rapists.” Anyway, he’s still alive and is currently soliciting women to “inspire students” at his stock picking school. Just thought you should know. [NYP]

Knight Capital Group Chief Executive Officer Thomas Joyce said in a letter to clients yesterday the company is “in good standing” with clearing firms and its broker-dealer units have sufficient capital. Joyce also said the post-tax loss stemming from Knight’s trading error was about $270 million, compared with a previously reported pretax loss of $440 million. The letter comes a week after Knight, one of the biggest market-making firms in the U.S., was driven to the brink of bankruptcy after a technology malfunction spewed orders into the market by mistake. [Bloomberg, earlier]