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Former SAC Capital Advisors LP fund manager Mathew Martoma was portrayed by his lawyer as the victim of a “rush to judgment” by prosecutors looking to use him to bring insider-trading charges against his former boss, Steven A. Cohen…“Mathew was just a grain of sand in their haste to make a case against someone who is not even in this courtroom: Mathew’s boss, Steven Cohen,” Richard Strassberg said in his closing argument yesterday in Manhattan federal court. [Bloomberg]

  • 09 Dec 2010 at 11:31 AM

This Is Why Jeffrey Gundlach Is Awesome

A lot people would probably tell you that bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach’s awesomeness stems from the staggeringly impressive sex toy and porn collection he kept in his office at TWC before he was fired/quit last year (itemized here). And while being Wall Street’s foremost dildo collector and having the entire Dr. Fellatio series, as in volumes 1-16, on hand is certainly something to admire someone for, it’s not actually the attribute that defines Gundlach or makes him stand out from the pack. Arguably, JG’s most defining characteristic– the one that just makes you want to squeeze his cheeks– is how much Jeffrey Gundlach loves himself some Jeffrey Gundlach. Read more »

Ugh, this guy.

The first thing is please don’t forget to sign up for Mark’s daily newsletter. The second, which you’d think would be abundantly clear but apparently not: these guys are victims! Yeah, they were Bernie’s second and third in command at Ponzi Nation but victims! Victims “of their father’s terrible crimes.” Victims of his scam. Victims of the DNA he passed on their way. VIC-TIMS. Victims. Owing to their victim status, the boys have submitted a filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York, requesting that all complaints against them be dropped. Because it’s just not fair.