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Charlie Gasparino recently participated in one of New York‘s dining features wherein notable people discuss what they ate over the course of the week. Those of you in the know re: the fuel that makes this Jabroni Pony will run not be surprised to hear that he consumed many a vodka martini, doused his meat in ketchup and affirmed his commitment to “staying regular” by downing a bunch of bran muffins. Unlike his last food diary, in which Gaspo confessed to finding no greater joy in the world that tearing into a plate of braciola while on the can, the Fox Business anchor kept it mostly clean, while sharing a few tips. Such as how to make gravy from scratch (“good Italian canned tomatoes, two cans of the whole tomatoes and one of crushed. I let it cook for about an hour and fifteen minutes, maybe an hour and a half”), indulging while keeping yourself in centerfold form (“I only eat desserts on the weekends”) and drinking like a man (“no respectable Russian will drink Grey Goose, they all drink Ketel One, because you want to taste the vodka. Now I can’t go back to Grey Goose, which is really super smooth, you can’t taste the vodka. If you’re gonna drink it, you gotta make it real”). Read more »

Charlie Gasparino wears a lot of hats. Financial journalist. Former Golden Gloves hopeful. Son of an iron worker. Myoplex spokesman. First and foremost, though, he’s a New Yorker. And not just any New Yorker, but one with a taste for the finer things in life. As such, he’s better equipped that most to make restaurant, hotel, and shopping recommendations for anyone looking to impress their relatives in for a weekend in the big city. Chaz has a whole list of establishments, for every occasion (except for where to go if you’re looking to make the panties drop, which he claims he hasn’t done in years, and massages or similarly fruity-type shit).

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: San Pietro on 54th between Madison and Fifth. A very close second is Fresco by Scotto on 52nd between Madison and Park

BEST STEAKHOUSE: Sparks Steak House

BEST DESSERT: Sicilian cheesecake at Veniero’s Pasticceria and Caffe in the East Village

BEST PLACE FOR A ROMANTIC DATE: I’m married; can’t remember the last time I had one of those

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