What Do you Think Dealbreaker?

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Q: If you had to assemble hedge fund all-star team, that would invest together for a year or five or whatever time-horizon we decide on (the All-Star Game, it’s them versus the market), which managers would be on it? Read more »

On an alarmingly regular basis, people send emails to Dealbreaker seeking insight, on all manners of business. “I just received an offer from [insert hedge fund here] and I wanted to know what you think of the place.” “I’m a high-yield trader looking to jump ship– do you have any leads on jobs or ideas about where I should look?” “I have a bet going re: who would prevail in a street fight, Jamie or Lloyd and need you to weigh in.” “Is it possible to have romantic relationships (one-night stands) while spending every waking moment at the office?” “Do you think Vikram Pandit is the person responsible for his Wikipedia page including the line ‘he then turned to business studies & finance and earned an M.B.A in 1980 followed by a Ph.D. in Finance from Columbia Business School in 1986, after publishing a thesis involving a crushingly complex financial puzzle, entitled “Asset prices in a heterogeneous consumer economy’?” “Coke or Pepsi?” “Medium or rare?” “Do you think Biff Basness has tried to have you killed?” “Are you still in touch with Gianna Beamers?” “How would you construct a Wildebeest costume? Don’t ask me why.” While we (I) have no real expertise in much of anything, you may have noticed that we are quite fond of expounding on topics which some would comment we know nothing about. With that thought in mind, we’ve decided to now answer your questions, whatever they may be, on a weekly basis, on the site* (all names/emails/identifying details removed, of course). Read more »