what’s next rabies shots for the Easter bunny?

  • 22 Dec 2011 at 5:29 PM

You Think You’ve Got Problems?

Yes, you might get fired next year. Yes, your only hope of not closing down 50% may be based on how charitable a fat guy and his reindeer are feeling. Yes, you might have career-hindering pores. But here’s a little reality check: you don’t know from problems. You want to talk about problems? About stress? About getting your face ripped off? Then talk to this guy. Read more »

Yesterday afternoon, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes shut down High Class NY, serving 17 people involved in the “high-end escort service” with indictments. According to Hynes, the Sheepshead Bay-based business was patronized largely by customers “from the financial markets, many of them hedge fund people, with nothing but money, willing to pay enormous amounts for God knows what,” from girls of every ethnicity but Irish. The bust, one would assume, ruined the days of every investor and financial services hack who relied on HCNY when they were looking to drop $3,600/hour on some high class loving. Today, we discovered yet more bad news- not only did Hynes ruin some of your colleagues’ afternoons, but their upcoming holidays as well. Read more »