William Gamble

Picture 179.pngSo….Harbinger head Phil Falcone and his wife Lisaare being sued by their former house manager, William Gamble, for a bunch of stuff. Said stuff includes allegations of:
* Homophobic slurs from Phil (William is gay, and claims he was asked about his sexual orientation during his interview)
* Being forced to work out of an office that the family’s pet pig used to live in
* Being told by Lisa that that he wasn’t gay enough for her tastes, but, at the same time, having his nuts grabbed, without permission.

Lisa Maria, meanwhile, told him his “demeanor did not live up to her idea of what a stereotypical gay man should be, as [he] was not ‘effeminate’ enough.”
That March, he went with the family on a trip to the Falcones’ compound in St. Bart’s, where Lisa Maria “chided him for not bringing a more revealing bathing suit.”
On March 27, “a visibly inebriated Falcone confronted and assaulted” Gamble, “forcibly pushing her hand down his pants to grab his genitals,” the suit says. “When rebuffed, Falcone struck [Gamble] three times with her hand forcefully enough to leave deep bruises on his abdomen.”
She then told Gamble “all he required was ‘a good f–k’ in order to change him into a heterosexual,” Gamble said he was “highly disturbed and physically ill as a result of this incident.”
When they got back to New York, his “work environment became increasingly hostile,” with Falcone telling him, “If you weren’t so beautiful, you wouldn’t be here.”