Wolfgang Schauble

Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister and combinatorial puzzle enthusiast, is what Europeans call a conservative. It appears that something has been lost in the translation, however, because in European, “conservative” means favoring conservatively taxing financial transactions until you can get everyone else to agree on taxing them less conservatively. Read more »

German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble was caught playing a game of Sudoku during a heated debate in Germany’s parliament over the latest Greek bailout. While his colleagues debated the merits of keeping Athens on life support with a controversial €130 billion ($174 billion) bailout, Schauble opted to hammer away at the numbers game on his tablet computer, according to a photo released by Germany’s Bild newspaper Wednesday…The finance minister declined the newspaper’s request for comment, but a spokesperson for his office said he was taking a well-deserved break from normal duties. [NYP, related]