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Are the Yankees for sale? “Baseball and financial sources” say yes. People with the last name Steinbrenner say no. Perhaps the latter, though, just needs to meet the right buyer? A buyer who’s got money to spend? A buyer who wants a Major League Baseball team so badly he can taste it? A buyer who has so far bid on not one, not two, but three organizations in the last year? A buyer who  can do this the easy way or the hard way? Read more »

Earlier this week, an important point of correction was made about a “dance of celebration.” Specifically, the one recounted in an article entitled “What Really Happened to Strauss-Kahn,” which described “what looked like a dance of celebration by two employees of the Hotel Sofitel in New York City at approximately 1:35 PM on the day that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested in connection with an alleged sexual assault.” According to the article, the victory dance in question lasted “three minutes,” which struck some people as excessively, unbelievably long. According to the security tapes, however, it was more like thirteen seconds. Which brings us to another point of contention. Though some believe the thirteen-second “dance of celebration,” which occurred shortly after a 911 call was place to the police re: the alleged rape of a hotel maid, is evidence that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was set up, there apparently being no other reason two men could dance in such a joyful manner. Or is there?

…a source familiar with the video said yesterday that the dancing Sofitel men appear to be “celebrating over some sporting event. It looks as if they’re saying ‘Yankees’ ” — who were in the middle of a series against the Red Sox that weekend…Lanny Davis, a lawyer for Accor Group, which owns the Sofitel, said in a statement: “The notion that the video . . . establishes evidence of Accor’s involvement in a conspiracy is nonsense…A bellman at the hotel, after being shown the video by a reporter, was skeptical about the idea that it proved there was a conspiracy to cripple Strauss-Kahn. “There’s no sound. They could have been dancing about anything. This doesn’t prove a thing. Maybe they were going to Hooters after work and were excited about that,” he said.

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Christian Lopez, 23, will probably be on the hook for $5,000 to $13,000 because of the luxury seats the grateful Yankees gave him, the accountants said. “He’s a great guy,” says Terry Ganer, a die-hard Yankees fan and accountant for Ganer Grossbach & Ganer in midtown. “But I’m pretty sure the tax man, unfortunately, is not a Yankee fan and will not look at this so sympathetically.” Lopez says he’ll pay – but he wouldn’t mind a little help. “Worse comes to worse, I’ll have to pay the taxes,” he told the Daily News on Monday. “I’m not going to return the seats. I have a lot of family and friends who will help me out if need be. “The IRS has a job to do, so I’m not going to hold it against them, but it would be cool if they helped me out a little on this.” [NYDN]

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Steve Cohen Sends Fred Wilpon A Message

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…if we’re counting owning a team’s parking lots and garages as owning a piece of the team and I think we are! Read more »

  • 03 Nov 2009 at 8:48 AM
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Phillies Win, Threaten To Undermine The Recovery

phils.jpgPHILADELPHIA–The New York Yankees failed to end the World Series last night with a victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. For the superstitious among you, especially the Yankee fans, there’s an extraordinarily stupid “study” that says you should be extra fearful of a Phillies comeback in the series.
Since 1930, when the Yankees have taken home the Commissioner’s Trophy, the U.S. gross domestic product has grown an average of 5% in the following year. On those exceedingly rare occasions that the Phillies are the last team standing, things don’t go so well: In 1981, a year after the Phils’ first-ever championship after 97 years of futility, the economy grew a paltry 2.9% amidst sky-high interest rates and 7.5% unemployment. This year, the reigning champs have presided over what seems likely to be negative economic growth.
Here’s still more reason to root for the Bronx Bombers: The only other time these two teams have met in the Fall Classic, in 1950, the Yanks swept the Phils, leading to a prosperous 7.7% increase in GDP in 1951.

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