Why Are You Still Here? A Reader Poll

We are closing in on 2 p.m. now. Our official plan was to close up shop and retire to lunch for the rest of the day an hour ago. But we can procrastinate about everything, even not working.
But what are you still doing at work? Why are you reading the internet instead of finishing up and getting out of there? Don’t you know it’s the day before Thanksgiving? The airports are already insane and the trains are packed. If you don’t leave now, you’ll never get back to Wisconsin tonight.
Actually, it’s kind of comforting to know that so many of you are still out there, staring at your computers, hitting refresh and hoping Bess posts one more thing before she shakes her moneymaker over the Hudson for a holiday in the homeland. We’d like to know why you are still there.
After the jump, take our poll on why you can’t leave work early today.

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DealBreaker’s Guide To Working On Thanksgiving

“What are your plans for Thanksgiving?”
“Don’t your folks live in the city?”
Those are some of the worst questions a junior staffer at an investment bank can hear from his managing director. It means that there’s work to be done and the bank is scrambling to find bodies who can run spreadsheets.
The only wise response is to lie. Never let them know you will be anywhere near the office on a holiday. Tell them your family always celebrates in Aspen or something. Or, better, on an island in Maine with no electricity, cell phone access or internet.
But if you’ve already screwed-up and revealed you will be in town, you may very well be expected to work on Thanksgiving. No one will actually say you can’t attend Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, they’ll assure you that it’s just a couple of hours of work. It isn’t. They are lying. They are just time optimists. If you point this out they will just think you work too slow.
But just because you’ll be without friends, family or food on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean we don’t care about you. We’ve been there. We know what working tomorrow means. And after the jump we provide a schedule for those stuck churning Excel.
[More, a lot more, after the jump.]

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We totally came up with a great turkey terminating holiday oriented piece to run today. The idea was that we would call all the big shots on Wall Street—or at least their flacks—and ask what they were grateful for this year. It could be funny. It could be touching. It could totally fill up space on a day where our thoughts are really about getting out of the office early.
And then the idea got even better. We’d also do some man on the street interviews to ask the common man—or at least the common investment banker—what he’s grateful for this year. Maybe Bess could snap some pictures.
And what about their families? Maybe the wives of private equity honchos are grateful that their husbands are home much more now. Or maybe they worry about being able to buy more stuff at Christmas and what happens to New Year’s in the Alps?
And you know what happened next? That’s right. The whole project just seemed overwhelming. Wasn’t the point of this thing to create some entertaining filler on the day before Thanksgiving? How did it go so wrong? Why did it suddenly seem to require so much work?
So we totally came up with a better idea. We want your answers. You people are funnier than at least half the team at DealBreaker anyway. So what are the inhabitants of the world of Wall Street grateful for this year? Leave you answer in the comments section.