The Week In SuperMogul

The Week In SuperMogul: 01.15.07-01.19.07

+CEO Seeks Hot Girlfriend
+What Happens When You Let the Help Pack Your Suitcase
+Mark Cuban: Suits are for Lemmings
+Communication Skills: Jobs 1, Gates 0
+Commerce: Don’t Throw the Long-Hours Baby Out with the Decorating-Scandal Bath Water
+Jobs to Schwartz: Java is crap.

The Week In SuperMogul: 01.12.07

+Peter Gossas: Awakening the Fat Cat
+CEOs Out of Fashion in Retail Space?
+It’s Okay to Shred Again
+Developing an Internet Strategy (After Years of Ignoring The Internet, Hoping It Will Go Away)
+Deconstructing Business Books

+Can LaSorda Pull Off a U-Turn Before the Dead End?

The Week In SuperMogul: 01.01.07-01.05.07

supermogul.gif+Self-Deprecation: Good for the Brand
+How to Become a Chinese Success Story: Long, Hot Showers
+Cats, Ninjas and Coke: Co-opting Indie Media
+Bezos: The Final Frontier
+Mogul Real Estate: Larry Ellison Edition

The Week In SuperMogul: 12.11.06-12.

+Employee Stock Options… But Better!
+How to Start a Price War
+Will Google Plant a Seed In Apple’s Market?
+”Tell Us Everything Or Else” Vs. “Tell Us Everything… Please?
+Branson Watch: Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss His Ego

The Week In SuperMogul: 12.04.06-12.08.06

+The miracle of birth.
+Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld’s spending money.
+Supermogul’s Laws of Corporate Culture™, pt. 1: importance of memo x degree of confidentiality = increased likelihood that read it somewhere you don’t want to read it.
+Anybody who’s anybody bathes in unfractionated hydrocarbons.
+Executive Toys.
+How can I avoid being made someone’s bitch on my first day in the slammer? And other questions for Steven Oberfest.