this post reflects the fact that there’s nothing to write about but hedge fund bad news

  • 15 Aug 2007 at 1:05 PM
  • Buyouts

Credit Crunch Threatens To Keep Horrible TV Show Alive

americanidol.jpgEarlier this morning, we were telling Keith Bar Crunch about how we’re getting as sick of the “[insert name of hedge fund] loses [insert losses]” stories as many of you are, which must mean there’s something wrong with us. Really, who doesn’t enjoy tales of woe at other people’s expense? (A. Of late, like we just said two freaking seconds ago, us). We’d love nothing more than to (at least momentarily) can the negativity and write about RenTec making $30 billion last week.
Unfortunately, that’s not happening—because even though you don’t want to hear about the blow ups of various funds, you’re not getting out there and making any news (mergers and acquisitions, CEO sluts, etc) to the contrary—but we can guarantee you we’ve taken the appropriate steps to ensure that several notable quant funds have some major—and we do mean major—gains coming their way.

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