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Now Stripping For You: Julie Alexandria

We’ve been big fans of WallStrip. While it’s “Fifty-Two Week High” format is a bit too upbeat for us—we’d prefer to take our daily stock market webcast with 52 week lows instead—it’s off-beat humor, weekly interviews and the sexy intelligence of host Lindsay Campbell kept us watching. News of her moving on sent us into a maudlin drunk for a week.
But now that we’re recovering, we’re starting to appreciate the new hostess, Julie Alexandria. She’s another import from California, a graduate of California State University at Long Beach. She made the move to New York to pursue a career on Broadway. That seems not to have worked out. Despite roles in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Marisol, the Diary of Anne Frank, Cowboy Mouth and (a Bess Levin favorite) Piece of Ass, she’s landed herself on the interwebs instead.
Every time anything changes on the internet it upsets us, of course. Everything is always better the way we found it, and it’s damn frustrating that the world can’t stay like that. People leave jobs editing websites, contributors come and go, the Wall Street Journal tries to sneak small changes past us hoping we won’t notice, and sometimes our favorite sites even launch horrific redesigns. We usually curse the gods and swear we’ll never darken the digital doorsteps of the site again.
But Julie is cute, especially when speaking Spanish. And she’s backed up by the same team that had us fall for Lindsay. So we’re going to give her a chance to steal our hearts and bookmarks. And, we do have to say that today’s Brazil based WallStrip helped us recover from the DT’s a bit, so we’re feeling grateful.
Without further delay, here’s the new WallStripper.

At the request of some of our readers, we’ve moved the video to after the jump. It features two Brazilian girls showing off what they are famous for, and that was a bit too much for some of you reader at your desks.

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We remember when little Lindsay Campbell was just a hot chick on the internet. She was kind of smart, and liked talking about stocks, so we agreed to appear on some early episodes. Then, one night, she batted her eyelashes at a CBS executive and the network rained money down on her little website.
That, at least, is how we’ll be telling the story over happy hour drinks at Tom & Jerry’s tonight. The truth is that Wallstrip.com has always been a lot more than a chick with a camera. There’s obviously a lot of thought that goes into each episode, and a hard working team that makes it happen. The team has spent the past year exploring stocks hitting all times highs, often having a lot of fun with them. Our personal favorite was the “Thank You For Smoking” inspired take on Altria.
And Lindsay isn’t just some cute chick who is “kind of smart.” She is really smart. And has a kindness and charm that is almost brutalizing. It makes you feel completely disarmed, almost defenseless. Which is one of the secrets to why she is able to do so well on the show.
We were a regular guest in the early days of the show, appearing in what has now become their Friday interview. Mostly, we added a bit of humbug bashing and poison wit into the sometimes too-sweet show. It was our way of defending ourselves against the bright, charming shine of Miss Campbell and her crew. We like to think we might have influenced their coverage a bit. You’ll notice they pay a lot of attention to guns, booze, gambling, sex, smokes and similar elements of DealBreaker’s version of the good life.
And it looks they will keep it up.
“Over time, guns, booze, gambling, Internet and sex will continue their out performance,” Wallstrip co-creator Howard Lindzon says. “It may not be fair and may not seem right, but those that invest in these themes will be continually rewarded.”
Happy birthday, Wallstrip. Don’t forget to invite us to the party.

Wallstrip Turns ONE Today…We Celeberate with Guns as all Americans Should
[Howard Linndzon]

One Of Those Guys Was Using An iPhone

It goes without saying that here at DealBreaker, we judge people. Obviously looks, arrogance, dental records and the ability to swing a racquet are all taken into account when there’s sizing up to be done, but how do we decide who should be summarily dismissed from our line of vision? Two words–finger dexterity. Are you a good person? Intelligent? Kind? We don’t care. Can your appendages move with speed and competence? This is the stuff that matters to us.
Which is why, when WallStrip asked if we’d like to enter Silas Greenback into its annual Ms. Blackberry Pageant ’07, we willingly shoved her in L. Campbell’s direction. Of course we wanted Moss to be a contestant, if only to see if she’s up to snuff, re: our aforementioned litmus test. Despite having some suspect difficulties with a keg of cheese balls that must be indicative of a much deeper personal problem, the mistress of RIMM put in a very respectable show, not necessarily reflected in the outcome of the contest. (Sorkin–you’ve got our number.)
Apropos, the Wi-Fi here at Promises is really quite impressive.

It’s Official: CBS Picks Up WallStrip

We understand that the name is officially being changed to CSI: Wall Street.
[After the jump, read the press release from CBS]

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(Something about how “the market’s not the only organism that’s pulsing.” Hi-yoooo.)
[via CWS]

lindsaywasn'tin24.jpgLindsay Campbell was not on ’24’ last night, according to a well-placed source who happens to be Lindsay Campbell. She still has not explained what she was doing last night while the episode aired. (It’s live or something righ? isn’t that why it happens in boringreal-time?) So we’re not sure whether she really has plausible deniability on this.
We suggest you watch it yourself and decide. Who are you going to believe? Lindsay Campbell or your lying eyes.
We saw her. We swear we did. And it wasn’t just us. We were tipped off to the appearance of Lindsay by a bona fide television professional.
At the very least, the girls have the same hair stylist.
That sound you hear is our internet celebrity spotting credibility getting sucked down the drain.

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WallStrip Chick Held At Gun Point…By Jack Bauer

Important Update: We imagined it all, apparently! Lindsay finally got back to us and denied everything.
Last night’s episode of Fox’s “24” featured our favorite bikini clad financial video blogger all suited-up as a Russian consulate employee who got held at gun-point by CTU agent Jack Bauer. Her lines are pretty much confined to repeating “no” a couple of times but unlike seemingly everyone else in the embassy, our girl Lindsay makes it out of the consulate more or less untouched.
We’re eagerly hunting down a clip of Lindsay Campbell’s primetime spot. Or a comment from Lindsay herself. (She’s famous now, and probably doesn’t get up before the market closes each day.) For now you’ll have to be content with her Hallmark commercial. She plays an overworked corporate lawyer or investment banker taking a cab home late at night. The city passes by outside her windows and the driver asks all sorts of personal questions. You’ve been there. You know exactly what it’s like. And the commercial does a great job of capturing it. Right up until the end, of course. That’s when it gets all, well, Hallmark on us.

Although John IMed me this morning upset over the fact that the Times had neglected to include his role in “putting WallStrip on the map” (via his much loved though sadly on hiatus Friday afternoon spots from the early days of the show), we were still thrilled to see Lindsay and Co.’s debut in the Gray Lady today. While actually having to ‘read’ about WallStrip kind of goes against the mission of the show itself (you know as well as we do that we all enjoy WallStrip so much because of its lack of words, labor-intensive reading, etc), we pretty much agreed with the writer’s summation of WS as the hottest thing on the Street, after Jim Cramer, of course. Though, one might wonder if calling Howard Lindzon’s baby a cross between “Squawk Box” and “SNL” was some sort of subtle diss, considering the last decade or so of the latter. Questions best left unanswered. Enjoy the show!