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andrewmitchellderivativestrader.jpgToday’s “Look Book,” a New York Magazine feature that displays the island’s residents at their sartorial best and (most often, statistically-speaking) worst, is about pre-schoolers. You know—kids. But since small ones don’t really give a rat’s A about this sort of stuff, and old people don’t really have much left to live for, almost all of the shots are of kids looking away or running from or glaring at the camera, with the parents being all “take that one again, you didn’t get my good side, if it’s important, I’ll make the time.”
First up are Andrew Mitchell, a derivatives trader, and his daughter, Hannah (pictured at left). Actually look like a pretty cute couple, and maybe the most normal of the bunch. Hannah’s wearing white after Labor Day, but her red Jellies are a perfect take on this season’s Wizard of Oz theme and she’s two, so we’ll issue a pass, this time. Kind of seems like Amy Larocca, LB editor, was asleep at the wheel on this one (she’s better known for featuring subjects dressing in the parlance of boho-freak).
But look closer, and Larocca’s buried a question mark within an enigma inside of a mystery, that only people like you can solve—Andrew’s watch. It appears to be plastic, possibly an Ironman. It may even be, as one Dealbreaker commenter suggested, “a $17 Casio.” Not Breitling, or Panerai, or Piaget, or Rolex, for god’s sake. Not even Rolex. Certainly not the limited edition version of Hermès’s “Cape Cod 1928” watch (the “Cape Cod Wall Street”).
What does Andrew’s choice of piece say about him, not as a man, but as a trader? We’re told he works at Barclays, so perhaps he took himself, and his accessories, off the fast track a long time ago? That after he drops off Hannah, he’s going to the gym? New York notes that it is 9 a.m. Is Andrew’s timepiece indicative of the fact that his presence at the office is fast becoming unnecessary? Or is he—to use that horrible phrase—a “big hitter,” who can come and go as he pleases, and is, as another commenter posits, “Above such flashy displays of wealth”? Does Andrew’s plastic say, “I have nothing to prove”? Or “This was all I could afford”? One friend of Dealbreaker is inclined to go with the former, pointing out that “You need only look parallel to Hannah’s left foot. Andrew wears an Ironman because he, quite visibly, has no need to overcompensate via watch.” But that’s just one slut’s opinion. Tell us what you think.
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Look at my $40,000 watch!

hermes1928watch.jpg1928 was a great year to be a WASP—the Crash hadn’t yet happened, no one questioned the sexuality of a man who adorned his body with silk twill pocket squares, and Mein Kampf was going into its ninth printing (only to be outdone several years later by Dana Vachon’s Mergers and Acquisitions, now in it’s nine-thousandth printing). To commemorate this glorious 26-times-a-fortnight, when life was droll and full of hilarious bon mots, and to celebrate the recent opening of their Wall Street branch, Hermès is offering a limited edition version of its “Cape Cod 1928” watch (“Cape Cod Wall Street”) for your consumption, exclusively at the 15 Broad store.
Complex has deemed the piece a “little Eichmann” and notes that it perfectly captures the “homogeneous banality” of “long summers on the beach,” which was the designer’s intent. We want to agree and say something about how the wearers of these things specialize in autoerotic asphyxiation but we’re actually really into the black crocodile strap, rose gold case and sunny bronze face. Jesucristo, what’s happening to us? Look away, please. Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?
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