Write-Offs: 04.22.14

$$$ Ex-Barclays Executive Sees ‘Golden Decade’ for Banking [Bloomberg]

$$$ Citigroup’s leaders say company is still too complex [Reuters]

$$$ What’s in a Name: The Ongoing Saga of Medbox [SIRF / Roddy Boyd]

$$$ Weebly Valued at $455 Million Amid Website-Building Boom [Digits]

$$$ Paulson, [Warren] says in the book released today, sold the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program to the public as a “near par” transaction in which taxpayers would receive assets that were roughly equal to their investment. Though, she writes, in her capacity as a member of a congressional oversight panel for the program, she commissioned a report that found the Treasury was receiving 66 cents on the dollar. “Their conclusions sent a chill through me,” Warren writes. “Treasury had overpaid — and not just by a little. Treasury was subsidizing these banks pure and simple.” [Bloomberg]

$$$ Famous performing parrot Truman goes missing [NYP] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 04.21.14

$$$ Argentina Asks Supreme Court to Protect It From ‘Vulture’ Hedge Fund [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Sandals for Men Gain Ground [WSJ]

$$$ The Humane Society’s New Pitch: This Pork Producer Is a Bad Investment [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Singer, Griffin Among Billionaires Funding Rove Super-PAC [Bloomberg]

$$$ The Power Breakfast Spawns the Power Cut [WSJ]

$$$ White House Finally Responds to Petition to Deport Justin Bieber [Gawker] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 04.17.14

$$$ Morgan Stanley’s Profit Rises, as Results Beat Estimates [WSJ]

$$$ Hedge funds get clobbered by fall in tech stocks [NetNet]

$$$ How Can Yahoo Be Worth Less Than Zero? [BloombergView/Matt]

$$$ A Fun Night Out for Under $200,000 [Bloomberg]

$$$ The more men who grow beards, the less attractive facial hair becomes to women, according to academic research. Are we at saturation point? [Telegraph]

$$$ Enjoy Good Friday if that’s your thing or the holiday known as the 3-Day Weekend if it’s not! We’ll see you back here on Monday. Read more »

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Write-Offs: 04.15.14

$$$ Yellen Says More Capital Would Help Biggest, Most-Complex Banks [WSJ]

$$$ Loeb Ratchets Up Campaign Against Sotheby’s Board [ValueWalk]

$$$ N.Y. Regulator Sends Subpoena to Credit Suisse in Tax-Evasion Probe [WSJ]

$$$ European Companies See Sales Growth Hit by Exchange Rates [WSJ]

$$$ Outlook for pensions is pretty awful: Bridgewater [NetNet]

$$$ Texan, 23, Headed To State Prison For Urinating On The Alamo [TSG] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 04.14.14

$$$ EU Weighs Tougher Russian Sanctions Amid Ukraine Unrest [Bloomberg]

$$$ Bitcoin promoter Shrem indicted in NY for money laundering [Reuters]

$$$ Cantor Fitzgerald CEO sues over blocked Hamptons hoops court [NYP]

$$$ Citigroup Says It Discovered Second Alleged Fraud in Mexico [WSJ]

$$$ Hustler Club claims ‘pole-dance tax’ violates rights [NYP] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 04.11.14

$$$ JPMorgan profit weaker than expected as trading revenue falls [Reuters]

$$$ Herbalife Marketing Tactics Said to Be Probed by FBI [Bloomberg]

$$$ SAC Capital’s Criminal Settlement: Was Justice Done? [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Bond Traders From JPMorgan to RBS Said Placed on Leave [Bloomberg]

$$$ Justin Livingston never intended to be his own boss. In 2012, he worked in social media for Amazon, and in his spare time he used his Instagram account to share men’s fashions. Soon, he started getting approached by companies to model their products. Now, he’s paid by them. He’s what the industry calls an “Instagram Influencer.” [CNBC] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 04.10.14

$$$ Dimon, JPMorgan Chase’s chief executive, was awarded $11.8 million in total compensation during 2013, 37 percent lower than what he collected the previous year. The board sliced his pay following a trading fiasco that cost the bank more than $6 billion and tarnished Dimon’s reputation as Wall Street’s best risk manager. In 2011, he earned a record-breaking $23 million. [NYP]

$$$ Draghi Says ECB Open to Additional Monetary Stimulus if Needed [WSJ]

$$$ Technology IPOs Face Skittishness as Market Momentum Slips [Bloomberg]

$$$ A new labour agreement in France means that employees must ignore their bosses’ work emails once they are out of the office and relaxing at home – even on their smartphones [Guardian]

$$$ Limbaugh Pretty Sure That The Late Show’s New Hire Means Civil War [Daily Intel] Read more »

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