Write-Offs: 11.21.14

$$$ Citigroup Said to Be Ousted From ECB FX Group for Rigging [Bloomberg]

$$$ Dow Chemical, Loeb Settle Board Dispute [WSJ]

$$$ The legal “loophole” that allowed one of the world’s largest hedge funds to make anonymous bets against listed companies must be closed, according to one of the senior European lawmakers who framed the current rules. [FT]

$$$ Alibaba’s Finance Arm, Ant Financial, Is a Mystery to Most Investors [BreakingViews]

$$$ A few months ago, Gabe Thompson, the chef at L’Apicio, an Italian restaurant in the East Village, started reading the “Game of Thrones” novels by George R. R. Martin. Already a fan of the bloody, beardy HBO drama based on the books, Mr. Thompson was struck by how obsessed the original works were with culinary matters. “They were all about food,” he said the other day. The insight had prompted an epiphany: Why not host a “Games of Thrones” feast, matching dishes taken from, or inspired by, the books with beers produced by Ommegang, the Belgian-style brewery near Cooperstown, N.Y., that recently released a limited-edition line of “Game of Thrones” beer? When the dinner was announced this month, the 35 seats sold out almost immediately. And on Tuesday night, a ravenous crowd of “Games of Thrones” fans — including five old friends from law school — descended on L’Apicio’s private dining room for a hearty, medieval-style repast. [NYT] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 11.19.14

$$$ Alibaba will sell debut bond on Thursday [Reuters]

$$$ BATS Global Markets to Lay Off 56 Employees [WSJ]

$$$ Banking culture primes people to cheat [Nature]

$$$ Senate Report: Banks Had Unfair Commodity-Market Advantages [WSJ]

$$$ Drunken bicyclist arrested at Taco Bell drive-through after tussle with cops [WFTV] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 11.18.14

$$$ U.S. Has Record Inflow of Portfolio Investments in September [Bloomberg]

$$$ Moody’s Joins Fitch Slamming Subprime Auto Bonds [Bloomberg]

$$$ Goldman Ousts Currencies Trader Connected to Probe [WSJ]

$$$ BNP Officials Examined in Insider-Trading Probe [WSJ]

$$$ Joe Melendez, Canseco’s manager, says his client has the video of the finger falling off and may sell it to media outlets for the right price, CNN reports. Canseco also claims he’s planning to auction both the fallen finger tip and the gun that shot it off to the highest bidder. [HP] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 11.14.15

$$$ Nomura Said to Put Three Mortgage-Bond Traders on Leave [Bloomberg]

$$$ Hedge Funds Offer Glimpse of Their Latest Moves [Dealbook]

$$$ US may investigate Blackstone’s Waldorf deal with China [NYP]

$$$ U.S. court affirms SEC stance on withholding Wall Street arbitration records [Reuters]

$$$ Judge makes it rain for strippers with $10.8M award in Rick’s Cabaret wage suit [NYP]

$$$ Police helicopters, trained dogs and animal trackers are searching for a big cat, initially identified as a tiger and first sighted not far from Disneyland Paris, east of the French capital. The animal, which in the past two days was spotted at a supermarket and a service station, has crossed a major national highway. It was first seen and photographed yesterday morning at a parking lot near the town of Montevrain, 35 kilometers (21 miles) east of Paris. [Bloomberg] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 11.13.14

$$$ Buffett Set to Save More Than $1 Billion on Taxes in Swap [Bloomberg]

$$$ Pimco flagship fund slightly reduces U.S. government holdings in October [Reuters]

$$$ Jobless Claims Extend Longest Sub-300,000 Stretch Since 2000 [WSJ]

$$$ Malcolm Gladwell: ‘Football Is a Moral Abomination’ [Bloomberg]

$$$ Power Wheels spoofs McConaughey Lincoln ad [UPI] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 11.12.14

$$$ Six Banks to Pay $4.3 Billion in First Wave of Currency-Rigging Penalties [Bloomberg]

$$$ Snapchat’s CEO finally moves out of dad’s house [CNBC]

$$$ JPMorgan settlement not enough, says whistleblower [CNBC]

$$$ Monte dei Paschi Reports Nearly $1 Billion Loss in Third Quarter [Dealbook]

$$$ Croc snatches GoPro from photographer [NYP] Read more »

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Write-Offs: 11.11.14

$$$ Banks Said Poised to Settle With CFTC in FX-Rigging Cases [Bloomberg]

$$$ Jack Ma is tired, and doesn’t like being rich [CNBC]

$$$ ‘Haunted Apartments’ Go for Cheap in Hong Kong [Bloomberg]

$$$ Top-Shelf Takeout [WSJ]

$$$ Parrot Picks Locks, Escape Owners [HP] Read more »

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