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Who Wins the Yacht Wars? A DealBreaker Reader Poll

So you’ve now seen all the yacht porn you can take. We’re kind of partial to the Talitha G, owned by J. Paul Getty’s heirs but this opinion proved controversial when we mentioned it at lunch. Someone liked Mickey Arison’s Mylin IV, DealBreaker’s planespotting Bess inexplicably preferred Suleiman Kerimod’s ICE and a possibly inebriated fellow who shall remain nameless voiced support for Paul Allen’s monster (we’re sure he’ll recant when he sobers up).
There’s just one way to resolve the controversy—a DealBreaker Reader Poll. Exercise your franchise below!

Who Won the Yacht Wars?
Larry Ellison (Rising Sun)
Paul Allen (Octopus)
Roman Abramovich (Pelorus)
Leslie Wexner (Limitless)
Suleiman Kerimod (ICE)
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al Saud (Kingdom 5KR)
J. Paul Getty (Talitha G)
Mohamed al-Fayed (Sokar)
Philip Green (Lionheart)
Mickey Arison (Mylin IV)
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Yachtstyles of the Rich and Richer

Some blame Les Wexner. The billionaire founder of the Limited clothing stores—and client of Jeff Epstein—built the Limitless in 1997, and the 315-foot super yacht is said to set off the craze for oversized sea-farers among the world’s corporate titans. Business week brings you all the yacht porn you can handle—Larry Ellison’s Rising Sun, Paul Allen’s Octopus, and the yachts of a couple of Russian guys who made money in the mobbed up “go go” nineties.

My Yacht Is Bigger than Yours
[Business Week]