googtubelogo3.JPGWhile some spent last night losing their long-preserved virginity, others found themselves in an apoplectic rage of “Hows,” “Whys,” and whatever amount of crystal meth they could get their hands on. We’re talking, of course, about Yahoo (and Lucy Gao, for not having made a video herself). The company’s stock plummeted by more than 2% to a 52-week low and, as DealBook reports,

This [Google’s recent impulse buy] increases the pressure on Yahoo to do something. There is this perception that Google is not just executing well but that it is also being more aggressive…BusinessWeek and others speculate that the YouTube deal could force Yahoo to push harder for Facebook, another social-networking Web site. Yahoo has already offered $1 billion to buy Facebook. Some months ago, there was a report that Facebook’s owners had wanted $2 billion for the company, which, at the time, struck many in the industry as ridiculously high. Now, BusinessWeek wrote on Tuesday, “a price north of $1 billion might be more achievable.”

After YouTube Deal, Eyes Turn to Yahoo [DealBook]

  • 19 Jul 2006 at 10:01 AM
  • Yahoo

Yahoo is extremely pleased; investors not so much

Jeff Matthews imagines how Yahoo prepared for last night’s earnings call.

“Now, how should we spin this delay?”
“I was thinking, ‘We are disappointed but remain upbeat’?”
“‘Upbeat’ is good, but ‘disappointed’ is bad. Very bad.”
“Right. ‘Disappointed’ is extremely bad. How about ‘We are cautiously upbeat’?”
“No—‘cautious’ is bad.’ They hate ‘cautious.’”
“Right. Hate ‘cautious.’ And ‘upbeat’ sounds trite. How about ‘Pleased’?”
“Better yet, ‘Extremely pleased….’”
“‘We are extremely pleased…’”
“And repeat it at least three times, just so they get it.”

Reading Between the Lines, Part II

  • 22 May 2006 at 9:33 AM
  • Google

Yahoo! Finance: ?; Google Finance: ?

In the continuing Yahoo! Finance vs. Google Finance vein, a reader offers the following screenshot from Yahoo! analyst day presentations:
(Click for large version.) Our conclusion: There seems to be more blue. Recommendation: Neutral. Also: Yahoo! will have “widgets” as well.**
** Obvious pandering to bloggers. Not that we mind being pandered to…
Yahoo! Finance: 3; Google Finance: 0
Yahoo! Finance: 2; Google Finance: 0
Yahoo! Finance: 1; Google Finance: 0

  • 12 Apr 2006 at 9:43 AM
  • Google

Yahoo! Finance: 3; Google Finance: 0

In the continuing vein:
Yahoo! Finance: 3
Google Finance: 0
Yahoo! Finance: 2; Google Finance: 0
Yahoo! Finance: 1; Google Finance: 0

  • 29 Mar 2006 at 3:41 PM
  • Companies

Write-Offs: 03.29.06

$$$ Credit where credit’s due: we all have Overstock’s Patrick Byrne to thank for making conference calls fun again. But let’s face it: they’re even better when you record them and have them read by monkeys in wigs and sunglasses. (See also here and here.)
$$$ What’s the first result when you type “finance” into Google? Uh… Yahoo! Someone’s getting fiiiiiired. [via Going Private]
$$$ The 80,000 volt electric briefcase. Where the hell was this when we were dropping off piles of cash on behalf of Equatoguinean dictators in Dupont Circle for Riggs Bank in ’04? Now they tell us! [via BoingBoing]
$$$ The first rule of Hedge Fund Polo Club is that no one talks about Hedge Fund Polo Club.