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  • 23 Oct 2007 at 12:01 PM
  • Tim Sykes

Unhappy With The Tim Sykes Coverage? Do Something About It


Several death threats have even been sent to Timothy’s EliteTrader account and Trader Monthly magazine has come out in support of these disgruntled traders. In fact, Trader Monthly’s president told us that Tim is “a burnt out trader with no practical skill.” When Hedge Funnies asked why he should be put to death for this fact he told us that Sykes “was very, very disrespectful to his mother on national TV and even referred to his own religious views with negative connotations! Is this someone who deserves to be attending Trader Monthly parties? No. In fact, we believe that he shouldn’t even be breathing.”

Tim Sykes makes a startling announcement [Hedge Funnies]

Huge Tools of the Week: Getting out of Jury Duty

justice_bz_detail.jpg Here is the latest installment of the new DealBreaker feature, Huge Tools of the Week. The feature is designed to provide the financial community with additional resources, from fledging online utilities to the name of a good 24-hour rub ‘n tug establishment (Starbucks does close, after all). You can see past huge tools here. Send any toolkit to: tips at dealbreaker dot com.
A partner at my old PE firm used to say, “Smart people don’t get put on a jury.” After seeing several of his associates get picked off for the 3-day minimum obligation in the span of a couple months, he was a bit miffed. Serving on a jury is no picnic as a finance drone. It basically means starting your workday when you leave the courthouse. We’ve known more than a few I-bankers who’ve had the worst weeks of their lives while on jury duty. It turns out senior associates and VPs lack a real shared sense of civic responsibility.
I had my strategy all set – self incrimination. If I got called to voir dire, I would just start sputtering off nonsense about how I hated Homo sapiens, especially those of the defendant’s persuasion (kind of like the Curbed episode). Fortunately, it was a slow day in court, and I only got called to be a prospective juror once, and even then did not get interviewed to sit on the jury. Most of the people in my prospective juror “class” (Wednesday), got released early after 2 days (although I may or may not have pretended this did not happen, and spent Friday in a bar watching World Cup games…the HR people are as blind as justice sometimes).
It turns out the self-incrimination strategy may not be as foolproof as cynical members of society may have thought. A Cape Cod man trying to get out of jury duty by acting like a racist homophobe this morning was taken into custody for a couple hours and may face criminal charges (wow, I wouldn’t want to serve on that jury).
What’s fantastic is a transcript of the conversation between the man, Daniel Ellis and Barnstable Superior Court Judge Gary Nickerson, from CNN:
GN: You say on your form that you’re not a fan of homosexuals?
DE: That I’m a racist. I’m frequently found to be a liar, too. I can’t really help it.
GN: I’m sorry?
DE: I said I’m frequently found to be a liar.
GN: So, are you lying to me now?
DE: Well, I don’t know. I might be.
GN: I have the distinct impression that you’re intentionally trying to avoid jury service.
DE: That’s true.
Also notable is CNN’s amazing box-summary of “Story Highlights”:
-Daniel Ellis really, really doesn’t to want to serve as a juror
-He tries to get out of it, saying he is homophobic and a racist
-He also says he’s a liar
-Judge is appalled, refers case to prosecutors
We’d never advise you to get out of jury duty. It’s your civic duty, and all that. Also, we’re vaguely afraid that it might be illegal to give that kind of advice. But, if you are going to try to talk your way out of the jury pool, our advice is to do it subtly. During voir dire, don’t follow the path of obvious idiocy. Be a subtle racist homophone. Start telling rambling stories, like how in the latest Transformers flick, you enjoyed the fact that Michael Bay killed off Negrotron, the only black Autobot (unfortunately this is true…I still weep over the execution of that film), or that you think all Mexicans are [insert what defendant is charged with here] serial jaywalkers. We understand your hesitancy to serve on the jury. Who wants that 15 hour day to become a 19 hour day?
Jury duty excuse: I’m a racist, homophobic liar [CNN]

Here is the latest installment of the new DealBreaker feature, Huge Tools of the Week. The feature is designed to provide the financial community with additional resources, from fledging online utilities to the name of a good 24-hour rub ‘n tug establishment (Starbucks does close, after all). Here’s last week’s installment about a website that aggregates industry comps and allows for uploading and updating comps already on the site, wiki-style. Know a Huge Tool? Send any toolkit to: tips at dealbreaker dot com.
Series 7.jpg
Just when you thought the art of personal note-taking had been lost (after calling your VP for the fifth time today to decipher ptichbook markup chicken scratch), here’s a wonderfully quirky 13-page study guide refresher to the Series 7 passed along by one of our readers. It can’t really replace the Series 7 tome the banks give you to prepare for the test, but it can be a fun surface-level self-quiz to make sure you’re not missing anything major. Above is one of the more entertaining pages from the guide explaining the surface dynamics of calls and puts (something we think most non-traders could use a refresher on, from the oft-confused usage in common conversation).
Series 7 Illustrated Study Guide 2006

cocaine_1_190.jpgWith Wall Street surging and a 24-hour global economy, young professionals have the money and the incentive to stay constantly wired.
“I do it every day,” said Kristoff, a European transplant to New York who works in finance and would not give his last name. He said he pays $150 for two grams of cocaine. “If I have to work at 6 in the morning and I have to be on top of the game, I’ll do it. I’ll take a gram of coke and make half a million dollars.”

Let’s set aside the fact that $150 actually seems a little steep for 2 grams, that the Times published a trend piece from twenty years ago, had the gall to write “Coke is the new weed,” and is utterly fucking astounded by all of the “skiing” ads placed on Craigslist, pool our efforts, and find out where Kristoff works, so we can go kill him.
Cocaine: Hidden in Plain Sight [NYT]