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Image adapted from Flickr User Aranami.

Congratulations And Commiserations, Derek Flowers

Let’s give a warm welcome to Wells Fargo’s new scapegoat-in-chief.


New York Attorney General ‘Concludes’ Trump Committed Fraud, Isn’t Gonna Do Anything About It Just Yet

I mean, we know it’s mostly just lying to Deutsche Bank, but it whether his Trump Tower apartment is 30,000 square feet or one-third that size seems pretty cut and dried.


Opening Bell: 1.19.22

Less trading, more pay; Zoom firing CEO not fired; another Chinese crackdown; and more!


Babying Junior Mistmakers Costing Goldman Big

Profit down, pay up? What is this, the Salvation Army?

fink wide

Opening Bell: 1.18.22

Microsoft plays the game; Larry Fink is no SJW; investors not buying what Jefferies is selling; and more!

mlk memorial

Holiday Bell: 1.17.22

Bankers making bank; Chris Hohn on top; Antonio Horta-Osorio less so; the wrath of Musk; and more!

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