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solar panels

Opening Bell: 6.28.22

Tell us if you’ve heard this before; Dan Och’s revenge revered; JetBlue really wants to buy Spirit; and more!


Opening Bell: 6.24.22

The economic impact of the end of Roe v. Wade; actually Zendesk will take private equity’s money (just a lot less of it); John Paulson has a new job; and more!

griffin forbes

Ken Griffin To Spend More Time Working On His Tan

Being unable to buy a second Illinois governor proves too much for Florida’s newly-minted third-richest man.

It's morning again in America. CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Layoffs Watch ’22: JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo

If you can do something other than mortgages, great. If not…

gas prices

Is It A Good Idea To Suspend Gas Taxes?

The savings to individuals will be minimal at best while costing the government greatly.

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