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‘Billions’-Based Costume Courtroom Drama To Return Long Before ‘Billions’

Shull v. Sorkin is coming back to a courtroom near you (if you live in Manhattan), and to a livestream for everyone else.


Opening Bell: 5.14.21

It’s never good to attract the attention of something called the “Serious Fraud Office;” SPAC gags on Grab; banks are literally giving money away; and more!


Opening Bell: 5.13.21

Heroic Hertz; IP-Volvo; everyone loves infrastructure investments as long as someone else is paying for it; and more!

dripping pipe

Blocked Pipeline Opens Up

The SPAC deal pipeline, of course. Whatever did you think we meant?

paper source

Paul Singer Reinvents Himself As A Whimsical Stationary Seller

What can he say? The guy just loves some cute and colorful bunting.


Opening Bell: 5.12.21

A rising tide lifts even Commerzbank; Dalio’s doubts don’t dent Doger’s dream; ex-Carlyle Trumpkin gets Va. nod; and more!

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