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Opening Bell: 5.18.22

Jay Powell really hopes he can stop this recession; SPAC sponsors really hope they can find merger partners; David McCormick really hopes he didn’t quit Bridgewater for no reason; and more!


Allianz Admits To Some Light Securities Fraud

Of course all agree that the real bad guys were the Allianz employees Allianz singularly failed to supervise.


SEC Wants Its Alums To Quick F**king Around

You of all people, former enforcement lawyers, ought to know better.


Opening Bell: 5.13.22

Jay Powell loses his confidence (but gains a second term); stocks lose everyone’s confidence; Pelham loses loads more; and more!

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Credit Suisse’s Risk Department Every Bit As Weak, Bullied As Credit Suisse’s Actions Suggest

Despite earlier reassurances to the contrary, where there’s this much smoke, there is a raging risk and compliance fire.

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Opening Bell: 5.10.22

Vision blinded; ‘we are on the case’—the best of which is still bad; extra time to whine; and more!

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