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Norman Rockwell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Holiday Bell: 11.23.22

The ranks of the unthankful: Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, systematically important non-banks, FTX investors, Zoom shareholders, and more!

This is fun.

Having Run His Former Protégé And Designated Successor’s Name Through The Mud, Dan Och Is Satisfied

And once it is determined that no one wants to buy his old hedge fund, his work there will be done.

leonard cohen

Democracy Is Coming… To The AGM

Universal proxy cards are promising to be a real pain in the ass for management.

elizabeth holmes

Opening Bell: 11.21.22

American exceptionalism; hope; Berkshire’s turning Japanese; and more!

john mack

John Mack Wouldn’t Do Anything Differently

And that includes nearly driving Morgan Stanley into a ditch and telling Tim Geithner to, you know….


Here’s A Fun New Addition To The Fraud Lexicon

Who doesn’t like a good abattoir metaphor? (Possibly the enslaved people doing the fraud, in fairness.)

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