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Opening Bell: 9.24.21

Shutdown scare shrugged off; OppenheimerFunds InsiderTrading; mergers mocked; wine > watches > bags; and more!

By US government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden Getting Gary Gensler A New Friend

And she doesn’t like cryptos any better than him.


Opening Bell: 9.23.21

Powell prepares; pharma fight; Ackman sings; Paulson’s piece; and more!

By Mike Cauldwell ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Even Gary Gensler Thinks He’s Wasting A Lot Of Time On Cryptos

Since all that work will be moot soon enough, once they cease to be.


Is ‘Protecting The Reputation Of The Founder-CEO’ Not An Acceptable Ten-Figure Line Item?

Should they not have done that? I tell you, big tech’s gotta plead ignorance on this thing.

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