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By Kiefer. from Frankfurt, Germany (Europäische Zentralbank / European Central Bank) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Opening Bell: 9.30.22

Inflation high and, uh, slightly less high; “adolescent pains;” Warren Buffett’s likes and friends; and more!

whale fine

Before Killing Whale, Boaz Weinstein Helped Save One

And when he did go into whale hunting, boy did the experience ever pay off.

rohit chopra

Banks Are So Nondiscriminatory They’d Rather Sue Regulators Than Prove It

They’re whiter than white! No, wait, that’s not what they meant.

liz truss

Opening Bell: 9.29.22

Dow down; Truss digs in; Porsche zooms, Leapmotor sputters; McKinsey is evil; and more!

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