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Keith Hahn

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Keith Hahn escaped an Ivy covered ivory tower only to land in a bulge-bracket financial institution which swore its bulge was 100% natural and not artificially augmented by thousands of meaningless acquisitions and/or a pair of wool socks. After re-enacting the first season of Prison Break, Keith ended up in Private Equity, which, despite misleading nomenclature, did not give Keith the desired privacy to play Spider Solitaire in a totally uninterrupted manner. Redefining "me-time," Keith now sits around in several pairs of fairly clean novelty boxer shorts and blogs, while occasionally attempting to make people giggle in other forms, like ornithology and the percussive mastery of various rubber canisters. Keith has also finally downloaded the guitar tab of the "Comfortably Numb" solo and is almost ready to play it for a girl.