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Brock Has Left The Banking!

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Dealbreaker is prepared to reveal that Brock, the young man whose profile from the Lehman Brothers careers website we shared with you yesterday, has switched groups.
Easy now. There, there. Settle down. We know.
In his profile Brock said he was incredibly satisfied working as a technology banker. He said that he was happy to work in an industry that was both converging and diverging.
And although we did not understand how something could converge and diverge at the same time, we believed him.
Now we hear that he has moved over to Lehman's Fund of Funds, and we have to wonder:
Was Brock lying about his love for tech banking all along?
Was it just a change of heart?
Will we ever know?
In time, good reader.
In time.
Brock At The Lehman Brothers Careers Website