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California Town to Be Resold on eBay

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Bruce Krall bought the twenty-five person hamlet of Bridgeville, California two years ago off of eBay for $700,000. On April 4 he will attempt to resell it on the auction site with a minimum bid set at $1.75 million. The Associated Press reports:
"Krall said he's invested "multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars" to restore old buildings, remove dilapidated structures and clean up mounds of garbage. He also found new tenants for the houses and received a conditional use permit for a riverfront resort. "It's come full circle," Krall said. "Now it's been fixed up, and I think it's actually ready to be sold on eBay."
I find this interesting for two reasons.
First, it means that St. Tropez had better watch its back because Bridgeville's riverfront resort is entering into the leisure game, freshly painted, stocked with Cristal and Cheerwine and irresistable as ever for wealthy Saudi bass fisherman and the Russian hookers who love them.
And it also raises the possibility that you might soon be able to short-sell these places, and then go on to make yourself a modest fortune by simply bulldozing them. And really, can you think of a better way to get back at the fly-over states for two terms of George W. Bush?
Town Auctioned on eBay Up for Sale Again [The Alliance Review]


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