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Cramer on Eisner

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We're not sure who at CNBC decided that Michael Eisner needed a talk show, but we suspect that it may be the same person who decided Tina Brown and Dennis Miller needed a talk show. We were passively watching it late Wednesday night when our cable provider decided to invoke the Emergency Broadcasting System siren, and the screeching buzzer was almost better TV.
We'll admit that it was fun to watch Eisner interview Sir Howard Stringer and ask him questions about Michael Ovitz while trying not to flinch, and the preview for the next show--Regis Philbin grilling Eisner about why he pulled 'Millionaire'--was entertaining if only because we don't think Philbin could even get a meeting with Eisner when Eisner was still "working," but...
Eisner is a charisma black hole. Where even the most loathesome people have a smidgen of charisma they can pull out in case of emergency/multi-million-dollar syndication deal/divorce court hearing, Eisner has a big empty void, a charisma abyss. On a scale of one to charismatic, Eisner is a negative 10 Clintons. It's painful. And we're apparently not the only ones who think so.
During the call-in portion of Jim Cramer's show just now, a caller complained that he turned on CNBC at 9PM Wednesday, expecting to find Mad Money, but it wasn't there. Cramer: "That's Cramer being a team player!" [Cramer pushes a button, gratuitous sound effect.]
Caller: "Yeah, but how's that guy gonna make me any money?"
Cramer: "That's Cramer defaulting to teeeeam player!"
Somewhere at CNBC, a call screener is getting a slap to the back of the head.