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Editor's Letter: Welcome to DealBreaker

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Test, test... Hello? Is this thing on?
Great, great. So here's one for you: Henry Kravis, Carl Icahn and Bruce Wasserstein walk into a bar. Icahn says, "so I'm a little bored and was thinking of busting up a huge media conglomerate." Wasserstein says, "Get the fuck out! So was I!" Then Kravis says...
You know, I forgot the rest of the joke. But it's funny because it's true.
Anyway. Welcome to DealBreaker.
What? You were expecting flashing lights? Big ticker symbols scrolling across the middle of the page? Serious commentary? Stevie Cohen on a stick?
We don't really do that. But here's what you will find: posts about the precise size of the guitar collection on Paul Allen'syacht spaceship, posts about the disparity between what Aswath Damodaran thinks is the dark side of valuation and what we think is the dark side of valuation (hint: high-quality cocaine), banker body counts (thank you, John Mack), interviews with people about how much money they make and whether they sometimes buy things just so they can throw them away, sightings of Eliot Spitzer, pitchbook origami, fun with league tables, and so on. And occasionally we'll break news or do something that's otherwise useful. Which will be entirely an accident. We apologize in advance.
In the meantime, send us tips ( tips AT dealbreaker DOT com ). Tell us what you want to read. Vandalize the comments section (or, as our lawyers call it, "the lawsuit waiting to happen.") But most of all, enjoy the site.


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