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Equities in Dallas

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The message boards--home to a million would-be analysts and associates bearing questions about target schools and inflated expectations about the joys and benefits of investment banking--are alive this morning with the sound of gratuitously dropped Wall Street clichés and inveterate schadenfraude. The Vaulters have discovered Going Private, a blog written by an anonymous VP at a private equity firm that's written like a roman a clef in installments.
The reaction, summarized:
1. Oooh, it's a girl!
2. She's anonymous! What if someone outs her?
3. What was that question about colleges and banking, again?
4. I know who she is.
5. No, you don't.
6. Then... the backlash! As seen in this post:

I'm just saying you can sit around in a cube and jerk off to how cool bankers are and how badass KKR and Blackstone are, for the rest of your life, but you are only in college for four years.
Everyone on this board can agree that college was the best four years of their lives, and its not worth it sitting in your dorm room making a flow chart planning out each step pf how you're going to get into Goldman, Carlyle, then become a BSD.
But if you some blog about some middle-market LBO firm gets you going, and not some 20-year old blonde or talking about politics/religion/24 in a coffee shop, then besides feeling sorry for you, I guess I wish you luck.

7. I wonder if she's hot.
As a wise man once said, "if I ever start referring to these as the best years of my life--remind me to kill myself."
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