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From The Annals of Bulge Bracket Career Websites: Brock from Lehman Brothers!

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Name: Brock
Position: Associate; Investment Banking
Education: Northwestern University; University of Chicago
What I do:

"As an Associate in our Global Technology Group, I help cover a very dynamic industry. Our clients span a broad spectrum of industries...We help our clients achieve their objectives via capital markets transactions, or by providing financial or strategic advice."

Dealbreaker translation:

"I make a lot of pitchbooks, and when they are done, I check them for spelling errors and to be sure that the page numbers are correct. Then I get to bind them! Sometimes I bind them with big plastic spirals. Sometimes I staple them together. Othertimes I fasten them with clips. I also furrow my brow a lot."

What I enjoy about my job:

"The companies in the technology sector are both converging and diverging simultaneously. I need to stay on top of the economic and strategic developments of a broad spectrum of companies. It is extremely challenging, but the pace is exciting."

Dealbreaker translation:

"I don't know if I mentioned this, but I get $25 a night for dinner. On weekends that adds up to $75 for three meals. Oh yeah, I hit up all the big delivery joints in midtown. Mangia? The know me. Haru? Sure. Every now and again, when I'm feeling a little crazy, I'll get the boys together, head over to Smith and Wollensky, and just go wild! Cabernet Sauvignon by the glass? Damn son, I told you I was loco!"

Why I chose Lehman Brothers:

"I have actually chosen to work here twice, first as an Analyst after college and now as an Associate post-graduate school. Both times it was for the same reasons - the culture and the creativity..."

Dealbreaker translation:

"My father sails with the head of M&A, and in this life we take what we can get."

The most exciting project I have worked on:

"I am currently working on a potential initial public offering (IPO) of a company that is simultaneously contemplating a merger with a division of a foreign company controlled by a financial sponsor...It is incredibly exciting!"

Dealbreaker translation:

"I've been working on an ongoing transaction with one client called The West Garden Spa. I know better than anyone that Asia is where the future lies, and I can't imagine a better place to bone up on my Korean while also boning up generally. I've done this transaction perhaps twenty times now, and have come away totally reinvigorated each time."

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