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In A Gubernatorial Race Far, Far Away...

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If you haven't seen it, Eliot Spitzer's second TV ad (the "newsmaker" ad mentioned here) consists of a Times bureau's worth of positive Spitzer press clippings rushing away from the viewer like intergalactic bodies in the opening sequence of Star Wars. Headlines paraphrased: "Eliot Spitzer Fights for the Little Guy," "Eliot Spitzer Nails Corrupt Banker Scum," and, of course, "Eliot Spitzer Demonstrably Kind to Small Children." The moral of this well-crafted story is that Eliot Spitzer is... definitely press savvy.
But to continue the Star Wars analogy, it still remains to be seen whether Spitzer is more Skywalker (young and ambitious with something to prove) or Vader (a dark Sith lord who dresses like a large metallic garbage bag and sounds like James Earl Jones.)
Note to Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne: I know what you're thinking and I don't want to hear a word about this in the Q1 conference call.