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Most Loathsome New Yorkers: Underperform

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The New York Press released their annual "Most Loathsome New Yorkers" list yesterday and unless you count a handful of real estate developers and Michael Bloomberg, they only included one Wall Street guy: Ron Perelman. And he wasn't included for anything he did professionally; he was included because he spends time and money in St. Barth's (or St. Bart's, as the Press calls it) and playing musical wives.

But a trail of broken boards wasn’t the only thing this cigar-chomping Romeo wracked up. There’s also the trail of broken-hearted trophy wives: Claudia Cohen, Patricia Duff and even Ellen Barkin, twice! It seems as though it was only six months ago that Barkin was taking time out of the Palindromes junket to bill and coo about her man, who apparently approaches the pre-nup with the same humanitarian business sense he applies to the corporate takeover.

Only one Wall Street guy! This is a journalistic travesty! We can only assume that the Press neglected Wall Street because they don't know who any of the people are. They're too busy worrying about gentrification and how to make money off a free newspaper in a dying classifieds market.
But we'll take over where the Press left off: Send your nominees and we'll post a Most Loathsome, Wall Street edition. Send to tips AT dealbreaker DOT com.
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