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Mr. Elle Macpherson

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Today, FT plants a big, wet kiss (dare we say, a French kiss?) on EIM Group's Arki Busson, ex-of-Paul Tudor Jones, ex-of-Moore Capital and most tragically of all, ex-of-Elle Macpherson..

While he is bearish about the outlook of some equity markets, he believes 2006 and beyond is full of “situations that cannot remain in equilibrium” – inflation, the price of oil, global trade imbalances and the dollar against other currencies, to name a few. For traditional fund managers, this is a minefield. For the best hedge fund managers, it is a gold mine. “The dislocation of major trends is wonderful for global macro funds, where volatility is the friend,” Mr Busson says.

And from what we understand Mr. Busson is no stranger to volatility, personally or professionally. "Insanely charismatic" was how it was described to us, followed shortly thereafter by "staff turnover." We're also told he wears very cute monogrammed shirts. But then, who doesn't?



You Don’t Have Arki Busson To Kick Around Anymore

You being EY, shareholders, Uma Thurman, etc.