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The Church of Capitalism

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Over at Valleywag, tech watchers are debating the creepiness of Tom Cruise's visit to Yahoo! and the ancillary creepiness of Earthlink founder Sky Dayton's Scientology affiliation.
Scientology doesn't really work on Wall Street. It takes too much time away from the hard work of raping, pillaging and getting paid handsomely for it--and let's face it, "audit" has a negative connotation.
But Scientologists are like cockroaches. Just when you think you've gotten rid of them, one comes scurrying out of the woodwork, and if we ever have a nuclear attack, they'll be the only ones left standing, if only to shove Scientology literature into the faces of any remaining survivors. So inherent cheesiness notwithstanding, we're sure there's a good statistical probability that there are one or two high powered Scientologists on the street. We just want to know who they are. So we can avoid them. Send suggestions to tipsATdealbreakerDOTcom.