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The Retail Sector

Muffie Benson-Perella (muffie AT is an Associate in the Investment Banking Division of a "Bulge Bracket" bank. She holds a B.A. in French and Art from Vassar College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Her regular column "Heard in the Suite" is a probing (and, ahem, fictional) weekly look into the secret lives and behind the velvet curtains of the investment banking world.
The people at work are entirely boring. No one goes out on Thursday.
The Managing Director in my group told me that I have to start thinking about industry areas I want to work in after my rotation in the Associate Ambassador program comes to an end. (I got into the Associate Ambassador program at work and it is just amazing, but that's another story). Personally, I think it is stupid that they don't let people be Ambassadors for their whole career, but Derek, my friend in the office, suggested that I should keep my opinion on this to myself.
I looked at the practice areas in the firm to see something that interested me. "Retail" seemed an obvious choice so yesterday I spent some time yesterday doing some research.

I think it is wonderful that Cole Haan is in the British Empire building.

They really are getting the most out of the crest here.

Gucci, on the other hand, has a totally bland presence.
It is hard to imagine that they think this is a good use of their real estate assets.

Since my condo has a huge issue with the paint and I had to find a place to stay I looked at some of the hotels nearby.

I went into the Warwick but I can't imagine staying there. Seriously.


Susan called me in the middle of my research and wanted to meet for Lunch.
Since it was about 2:00 already I met her at Rue 57.
The weather was fantastic yesterday so we sat outside
but our waitress was a horror so we left.

The University Club is much more civilized. My father is a member there.
We had a few cocktails.
Let me tell you, the service is much better here and the building is so pretty.
There is a Real Estate practice at the firm. I'm thinking that might be a good approach.

Since we were right next door I called and got a room at the Peninsula.
Erica called Susan and said she wanted to have a quick drink before she went back to London but Susan got in trouble for talking on the phone in the University Club. We kind of forgot that she called until we were already headed to Susan's place after I dropped my day bag at the hotel so Erica was pissy and said she was just going to head to the airport. Susan felt bad so we talked to Erica while she got onto the helicopter to head to Teterboro and meet her jet.

Susan is sure this is Erica's helicopter in this picture but I'm not convinced.

I hate the West Side but I have to admit that the views from Susan's place are pretty nice. She lives on the top floor.

After Susan's place we went to Hotel Gansevoort for some more drinks.
As you can see, the crowd is pretty scruffy. Lots of jeans.

Eric von Brook called Susan. Apparently it was his birthday and he was having a party at Cain so we headed there. We hadn't really been expecting to go out anywhere so Susan wasn't really dressed for Cain. This guy at the door, "Jamie" was a real asshole and wouldn't let her in even though we said we were with Eric's party so I had to say goodnight to her. Jamie needs a major makeover, let me tell you.

Here's Eric. Cain has really gone downhill. This picture didn't turn out so well.

I need to learn to use the flash.

I didn't make it back to the hotel really because of this guy, he's a friend of Eric's, so I have to pick my bag back up later. I'm really tired today, I have a headache, I need a nap and it's Friday so I'm not going into the office.