Third Trial's The Charm

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Post-yesterday's Free Frank celebrations, the San Jose Merc takes a moment to remind those with short-term memories why his overturned conviction is important:

Quattrone was once one of Silicon Valley's most successful financiers of technology companies during the days when red-hot initial public offerings would routinely double, triple or more in price, netting huge profits for early investors. He managed the IPOs of such well-known companies as Cisco Systems, Netscape Communications and

This means that we've finally come full circle. The guy who did the Netscape IPO is on trial for the third time, Jason Calacanis is running Netscape while Marc Andreesen does a social networking startup and red-hot IPOs are back to doubli--well, not yet. But soon.


The Art Of The Farewell

Not everyone gets to write a New York Times Op-Ed when they quit their job, however disaffected. It’s also easier to quit a job after twelve years of cashing investment banking paychecks. No matter how “morally bankrupt” Goldman Sachs is, Greg Smith isn’t giving his bonuses back. Unlike Smith, who quit his job on his own terms and got to publish most of his resume in the Times, most of corporate America isn’t as lucky – and almost everyone in corporate America really wants to quit their job. So what are you supposed to do if you can’t get any above-the-fold space in a major newspaper? You have to burn bridges the old fashioned way – by writing a farewell email.